Kenu Plans for Larger iPhones with Lightweight Airframe+ Vehicle Vent Mount

Kenu’s Airframe mobile phone vehicle position has actually confirmed prominent with MacRumors readers, and with Apple almost particular to release bigger iPhone models later on this year Kenu has actually just launched a new Airframe+ install that accommodates thicker instances and gadgets with display measure to six inches.


Airframe+ with iPhone 5s in Apple case

Like the original Airframe, a lot of the appeal of the Airframe+ originates from its simplicity and light weight, containing an easy spring-loaded clip to grasp the device on the sides and a cone-shaped clip to connect to louvers of vehicle vents. Evaluating under an ounce and quickly sliding into a pocket or staying inconspicuously affixed to the vehicle vent when not in use, the Airframe+ is a remarkable adjustment from the Garmin Active Mount I generally use, although the Airframe+ would should be joined a Lightning cable for asking for functions.



While the brand-new Airframe+ accommodates gadgets with screens as much as 6 inches, body dimension is really the figuring out aspect and the device grip broadens to approximately 3.25 inches. Apple’s rumored 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models should, however, suit conveniently despite the majority of situations. The Airframe+ likewise provides better support for thicker instances compared with the initial Airframe, permitting customers of Mophie electric battery pack cases or thick Otterbox waterproof instances to use the place.

Bicolor proves simple does not imply monotonous


2 shades and a solitary form– obviously that’s all it takes to produce a fantastic iOS puzzle video game. That’s all Bicolor truly is, but I definitely cannot stop playing it. It’s the kind of game you’ll beat your directly the wall over, merely considering that you’ll desire you had thought of the video game yourself.

Each degree in Bicolor presents you with a rectangular backyard occupied by square rooms of a lighter shade that stand out on the other hand from the darker shade of the background. Your work is to cover all the spaces to ensure that they coincide shade as the background, and you do this by swiping your finger over them– yet there’s a catch. You could simply tint a particular variety of spaces, and simply particular spaces could be made use of as beginning factors, and on best of that, there are additionally lighter tinted areas that require to be broadened either just before you being canceling the out, or as you play out each degree.

Apple Again Erases All CloudKit Data For iOS 8 And OS X Yosemite Betas

Apple’s intro of the different CloudKit APIs within iOS 8 and OS 10.10 Yosemite at this year’s Worldwide Designer Conference was greeted with much joy and enjoyment from going to developers. The creation of CloudKit will inevitably pay for designers with the ability to concentrate on producing outstanding and immersive client-side experiences instead of needing to take care of the problems that come connected with server-side cloud storage space code. As the APIs are being developed and straightened out it seems that testers will should tolerate some bumps in the road with Apple again alerting developers that all CloudKit information will certainly again be cleaned at some point today.

Early adopter developers that have preferred to acquire down and unclean with the new CloudKit APIs will undoubtedly cherish that the wiping of any sort of stored data is inevitably part of the roadmap to launch. Today’s removal of all public CloudKit databases will be the second such event in the time that has adhered to considering that the intro of the modern technology at WWDC. As part of the process of updating internal storage space web servers to function together with the launch of the current iOS 8 and Yosemite betas, Apple performed a similar clean of CloudKit public data back on July 7th.

iOS 8 OS X Yosemite Logo

RollWorld permits you produce your own little earth on iOS

You might have viewed photos with the ‘little’ or ‘tiny’ planet impact. There are many iOS apps that will render this impact for you, however the majority of have actually a price linked with them while RollWorld is free and functions rather well.

Import an image from your electronic camera roll, or set up your electronic camera to take the image “live”. You could make use of any one of six adjustments to roll the horizon into a tight sphere, making it appear like a little world or asteroid.

RollWorld works merely fine, and the rendering quality looks excellent. I found images that have something sticking up into the sky like a plant or a building give the best impacts. The picture I warped that is viewed at the leading of this page was taken at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.

Kenu Airframe+ now case-friendly, designed for the future

Kenu Airframe+, iPhone, Accessory, air vent mount

A little over a year earlier, TUAW examined the Kenu Airframe, a little but extremely efficient air vent install for the iPhone. Today, Kenu made the Airframe future-proof by announcing the larger Airframe+ (US$ 29.95).

What do I suggest by future-proof? Well, according to the rumor factory, the as-yet-unannounced iPhone 6 could come in a “phablet” dimension with a much bigger display. That means that the existing Airframe, which is developed to hold an iPhone 5s and could broaden simply a little bit for larger phones and phablets, possibly wouldn’t function.

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