iBeacons show up today in Hudson’s Bay, Lord & Taylor stores

Swirl iBeacon marketing appShoppers at Hudson’s Bay and Lord & Taylor stores across Canada and the US are getting an early peek at the future of retail marketing starting today as HBC Department Store Group flips the switch on the Swirl in-store beacon marketing platform.

While the systems won’t be in place at all stores today, the company’s 850,000 square foot flagship store in Toronto and a number of mall and free-standing stores will be equipped with the technology, which uses Bluetooth Smart and Apple’s iBeacon technology. Working with a number of company-produced and third-party apps, Swirl’s system beams everything from a warm welcome for repeat customers as they enter a store to specific targeted content and offers when a customer enters a specific area of the retail floor.

The Swirl setup will work with all iBeacon-enabled retail apps, and has been certified by Apple. The system uses SecureCast beacons that are literally peel-and-stick and can be placed almost anywhere (it’s the small white knobby cylinder next to the iPhone below). A marketing console provides a way to create and manage campaigns, with options to target messages based on profile data like a customer’s status in a loyalty program, how much they’ve purchased in the past, or how they’re browsing the physical store.

Leaked Photos Compare 4.7-inch And 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Logic Boards Side-by-Side

Apple’s iPhone 6 is claimed to be headed to market late September, which makes feeling withed the past few launch brackets, however whilst we have actually been managed to a wealth of coverage associateding with the 4.7-inch variant, the much more substantial, 5.5-inch alternative has stayed fairly evasive. This is, however, starting to change, which recommends that the manufacturing process for the larger configuration is up and running, and to begin just what’ll no question amount an additional week of substantial iPhone 6-related leakages, the reasoning boards of the 2 various size options have actually been contrasted side-by-side.

Similar to basically all our iPhone 6 leakage so far, there’s no conclusive method of verifying whether the reasoning boards viewed listed below are the real bargain or merely the job of people looking to formulate a tale, yet suffice to state, if these are phonies, someone’s visited a helluva whole lot of trouble in making them.

iPhone 6 logic board

iOS 8 live voice-to-text function looks amazing

Among the disadvantages of using iOS’ dictation attribute for keeping in mind is needing to hang around up until your note is done to see that your message was precisely transcribed. While iOS 7 attributes real-time transcription in Siri, the function has yet to make it to iOS messaging. That’s visiting change with iOS 8.

In the lately launched Beta 4 for iOS 8, Apple debuted its brand-new voice-to-text function that allows you to view your message in real time as it’s being transcribed. You could view the feature below in this video clip from MacRumors.

imojiapp enlivens your messages with customized stickers made from your photos

emoji are a wonderful way to communicate without claiming a word. If you would like to get imaginative with your sticker labels and move past the default established that ships with iOS, then you should examine out imojiapp. imojiapp permits you take any kind of photo on your iPhone and turn it into a textable sticker label.

Imojioapp is easy to make use of, merely break a picture, utilize the plant and eraser devices to remove the part of photo you don’t wish and the application will transform the continuing to be shot into a bordered sticker label. You then could use iMojiapp to drop it into your iMessage and send it along to your family and friends.

Like a lot of innovative tools, imojiapp permits you to organize your images for your very own usage and for discussing with others. The application has an increasing neighborhood of user-created emojis that you can scan and afterwards make use of in your very own messages.

This Unfavorable 13-Year Old Teenager’s Samsung Galaxy S4 Caught Fire Under Her Cushion [Video]

When we make the investment of a brand-new mobile phone, or any mobile device for that issue, we take 1 or 2 ordeals for provided. One facet that we presume to be a given is that, most importantly, said gadget is secure to make use of, and will not trigger any type of damage. Regardless of this, however, there have been numerous circumstances where folks have actually viewed as their beloved gadgets spontaneously combusted, and although you may be just one of the man millions to copulate your smartphone under your pillow, you mightn’t after experiencing the smoldering mess that a person Galaxy S4 owner’s gadget was left in.

The young adult that had the gadget, a 13 years of age, left the mobile under her pillow whilst resting. Having awoken to an odd smell, she soon uncovered that her tool was essentially melting, and the fact that it was so firmly compacted under the pillow with no air circulation is via to have been a major contributing element.

GS4 fire

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