Apple, like any respectable technology company, is always seeking new methods where to innovate, and while the electronic area is always searching for hints about what the Cupertino has up its sleeve, it’s also nice to inspect the a lot more unlikely concepts that followers and designers fantasize up. Here, we take a look at 5 items that would create fascinating commentary if ever released, and while a number of them are definitely conceivable, others are mere pipe-dreams.

Apple 5 main



This concept takes the kind of a ring, that includes buttons that could regulate certain elements of linked Apple devices. From managing songs playback to readjusting quantity, this iRing idea is an intriguing one, and with a two-day electric battery life, it would absolutely take pride of area as, by some margin, the only Apple device that could go such a proximity.

With Apple Watch imminent, it might be said that any features consisted of with the iRing are basically cancelled out, yet with such a minuscule form aspect, it could possibly interest those that, by guideline, do not like putting on watches.

Apple Glass

Apple Glass

Back in October, we showcased an eye-opening Apple Glass principle that borrowed many style cues from Google Glass. It’s much thinner and generally slicker than the item that the Huge G is presently developing.

Whilst it’s simple to salivate over the attractive finish, it’s worth explaining that even Apple would certainly have a hard time to fit the projector, cam, and various various other hardware into such a plain pair of digital spectacles. Hence, for the time being, it seems unlikely that Apple Glass will come true; at the very least, not in a type similar to this.

Tim Cook has actually marched in the past and noted that Glass, while a great item, is not one for the customer market, and sinced Apple is everything about consumer-level products, this might well be a group that the Mac maker never ever discovers.


Apple Water

With tech firms trying to cover all bases nowadays, the instead tongue-in-cheek suggestion of Apple creating a remedy for mineral water has normally been regurgitated. The principle includes a bottle made to what a lot of would certainly regard an “Apple” spec, and shows up with a normally high price.

The rather hilarious principle even discusses added accessories, such as the unimpressive cup marketed as an “optional ingestion vessel” – – just one of the several jabs at Apple’s quite persuasive, perhaps overemphasized advertising and marketing mottos.

From our launch procedure of Apple products existing in the memory, this is one that will undoubtedly continue to be hence, but also for sheer amusing value, the men at Scoopertino deserve their dues.

(Source: Scoopertino)



Back on Earth Earth, iCam is something that could possibly come to be reality in the future. Apple has set up a solid credibility for stuffing excellent video cameras into their devices, significantly the iPhone, and if the possibility arose for the company to take the standalone path, the iCam concept provides a look at just what may take place.

Crafted by ADR Studios, it takes a comparable kind to a DSLR, although drops anchor an iPhone to be used as a viewfinder that can also power and manage the majority of the camera’s activities.

The concept of add-on lenses is a real probability, yet in taking care of to develop encounter that produce amazing photos and video clips already, customers might reject the idea of paying just what would definitely be hundreds, if not countless bucks to make a wonderful camera exceptional.



At one point, analysts were adamant that Apple would be supplying its very own connected TV experience. It was reported ad nauseam for years, however in a sudden button, Apple started paying more focus on the little black box it called Apple TV. Beginning as a “leisure activity,” baseding on Tim Chef, it’s now acquiring the love it deserves, and while there’s still a little possibility that a connected TV might come to some factor in the future, the probabilities appear slim to none.

Still, that will not quit us from drooling over the curvaceous design of the famed Martin Hajek, and let’s admit, it’s a visual delight that subscribes to every guideline that Apple has functioned relentlessly to support throughout the previous 30+ years.

So, that’s our round-up, but exactly what would certainly you such as to view Apple develop following? Do share your thoughts, hopes and suggestions with us listed below – – despite how outrageous they may seem.

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