Your pals are truly nice folks– so great, actually, that they attack their tongues whenever they see your iPhone.

iphone facepalm

I know you assumed that obnoxious instance you purchased a shopping center booth seemed like a terrific idea at the time, and whatever that is sticking out of your headphone jack seems like it’s very crucial, yet you ought to understand that the rest people don’t really feel similarly.

If you’re utilizing one of these iPhone “add-ons,” you must probably take into consideration a substitute.

iphone accessories

You intend to stand out so you acquired an iPhone instance that’s been bedazzled like a 1980s jean jacket. There’s no chance this point is comfortable to hold, a lot less push up against the side of your face, so why placed on your own with the discomfort (and embarrassment) of making believe like this $ 2.99 acquisition was a good concept? Oh, and one of your little “gems” came unglued and dropped into your mug.

stylus case

You’re holding around a goofy little stylus pen, hanging from a string, connecteded into your headset jack? Exactly what earth are you surviving? You understand why capacitive touchscreens already existing? It’s so we don’t need to hold these sorts of things with us. But there you go, doing it anyway, and giggling in the face of the technical progress we have actually made. Do not stress, we’re giggling also.

iphone accessories

It sure is cuddly, and I gamble it was really soft and enjoyable when you initially got it, yet that was 2 months ago. Now your little cat is shedding, and there’s no excuse for an iPhone situation that somehow makes your garments dirtier. In addition to that, the coffee spill you established your phone on last week have left your fuzzy buddy entirely gross. Allow this roaming go.

iphone accessories

Are you a security personnel or a police officer? Is it 1998? No? Then acquire your phone off of your waist. Actually, scrape that, not also cops or safety guards pre owned these anymore.

iphone accessories

We get it; You’re a “princess”… or something. But that’s no excuse for dressing your residence button up like some kind of creepy fairy. Additionally, if you’re pre-owneding an accessory at the cost of a functioning Touch ID sensor, you require a course in device safety.

iphone accessories

Discuss meaningless, that in their best thoughts would certainly trouble to … Ok, you understand just what? This is rather amazing. I’m still trembling my head, however only since I understand I’m not awesome sufficient to take this off. If you’re perambulating with this in your pocket (or knapsack, I think), I praise you.

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