Back in January, an appealing infographic arised comparing the actual amount of storage room our mobile phones offer versus the quoted ability, and it showed that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 was the largest culprit for filling devices up with bloatware.

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However, the iPhone 5c offered the most storage space for a 16GB gadget, and the release just the other day of a new 8GB iPhone 5c has regurgitated the remarkable statistic that in terms of actual storage, the 16GB Galaxy S4 is a mere 3.7 GB ahead of Apple’s brand-new 8GB iPhone 5c.

The storage situation is relatively cut-and-dried in the eye of the consumer, and why not!.?. !? When walking into a store to get a brand-new smartphone, one would certainly anticipate that a 16GB smartphone from one supplier would certainly have the ability to pack the same quantity of flicks, music, applications and various other such fodder as the next version, yet as the previous graphic from tech market specialist Which located, this is just not the situation.

With the brand-new iPhone 5c, Apple fell the cost to show the new storage capacity, however while the Samsung Galaxy S4, with 16GB of storage space, may appear like a much more desirable possibility if you’re big on your home entertainment solutions, the reality is that with many extra apps, services, and the TouchWiz launcher sitting atop Android, you’re really left with hardly any property to play about with.

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Sure, the iPhone 5c has to deal with iOS and Apple’s array of stock applications, but the extent to which it has an effect on the quantity of area left over is marginal by contrast to several of the market’s other distinctive phones. After factoring every one of the additional clutter, owners of the 16GB Galaxy S4 are left with a plain 8.56 GB to utilize for themselves, and whilst it is not the only offender, it is without a doubt the worst.


In a manner, the idea of obtaining the amount of storage created on the packaging is ending up being a misconception, in a similar fashion to which number of megapixels quoted for an electronic camera’s sensing unit is not essentially reflective of its overall efficiency.

Yet while HTC, for instance, has made tries to eliminate the ‘‘ megapixel misconception’ influencing the point-and-shoot area, probably there should be an activity to highlight the reality that the customer is ultimately being deceived on exactly how much ‘‘ storage’ is in fact unreachable, many thanks to the lot of applications that both OEMs and providers make a decision to include forever procedure.

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