iTunes Radio, which introduced together with iOS 7 late last year, proclaims itself as a wonderful solution for songs fans to check out and find new artists. Nonetheless, unlike common iTunes music tracks, customers do not have the flexibility of having the ability to relocate tracks around various tools, for listening to whenever, anywhere. However, thanks to a little application called AirPlay Recorder, customers could tape the streaming sound for offline pleasure, and for a one-off rate of $ 9.99, you could produce your really own, finely-tuned, all-weathers iTunes Radio.


Instead than being among those apps that conserves cached files and allows you keep them, though, AirPlay Recorder is essentially a modern, digitalized version of recording tunes from the radio using cassette tapes. It saves the information as it is streamed onto your Mac using iTunes Radio, and from there, you could listen whenever you wish.

The method AirPlay Recorder functions is relatively simple. The moment installed, it takes the type of an AirPlay gadget in iTunes, and after you select it, it will certainly start saving the streaming sound. Like the old radio-to-cassette recording that several of you could or may not have actually enjoyed before the Digital Age transpired, the recording occurs in real-time, however this, in some ways, does include a little gratitude to the songs being tape-recorded.

The app is free to download and try out, although will just tape ten-second examples. For the all-singing encounter, one need to bet $ 9.99, yet considering exactly how basic, tidy and user friendly AirPlay Recorder is, the expense represents nice worth for money.

iTunes Radio

Downloading and getting out of bed to speed with the recorder is a rather just affair. Merely download the app for your Mac from here, and set up, then you’re good to go. As well as remember that it works with Mac running OS X 10.7.3 and above, so make certain you comply with those requirements before you go ahead with the download. But because it’s free to download, it’s no damage in giving it a shot anyhow.

Be sure to permit us know what you consider the app, and if it functioned for you as marketed. We like to learn through you guys.

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