While we eagerly wait for the jailbreak for iOS 7 and iOS 6.1.3/iOS 6.1.4, the Cydia developers have been busy releasing some cool jailbreak tweaks.

Apex, a jailbreak tweak developed by A3Tweaks falls in that category.

Apex is an interesting alternative to folders. It allows you to group apps in a unique way.

To group related apps, all you need to do is swipe down or swipe up on an icon. This will display four slots for apps you can add to the group. The slots are nicely arranged around the app icon.


To add an app (or sub-app as the developers are calling it), you need to tap on the + symbol. It will display a list of apps installed on your iPhone, scroll down to the app you want to add to the group, and tap on it to select it. It also offers a list of alphabets to the app selection view, which makes navigation a lot quicker if you’ve many apps installed. You can follow the same procedure to add the remaining apps.

That’s it. Now when you swipe up or swipe down on the app, it will display the apps that you had added above. You can tap on any app from the group to launch it.


We really love the attention to detail that has gone into developing the app. You’ll notice that after the apps are added they will kind of jut out from the sides of the primary app icon, thus reminding you that you can also access other sub-apps.

The animation when you swipe down on the app is also pretty cool. It displays the primary apps along with the sub-apps, and pushes the other apps on the Home screen to make room for them as you can see in the image at the top.


Apex also offers you some options to customize the behavior of the tweak via the Settings app (Settings > Apex).

  • The toggle for Show Preview allows you to disable the sub-app icons from jutting out behind the primary app icon.
  • The toggle for “Close on Launch” allows you to automatically close the expanded view when you launch an app.
  • The toggle for “Alphabetic Scroll” is self explanatory and used while displaying the list of apps in the app selection view.


Please note this also works in Folders, and with folder based tweaks such as Folder Enhancer. We’ve heard reports of issues with tweaks such as Grid Lock and Sprintomize.

Apex is available on Cydia for $1.99, which is very reasonable when you consider how well the app has been designed. It is a neat way to group related apps, however, we’re not sure if this tweak will appeal to a wider audience.

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