Apple Changes WWDC App With Small Bug Fixes

wwdcappiconApple today launched an update for that WWDC app for iOS devices and the Apple TV, presenting numerous bug fixes in front of the kickoff of the meeting next Friday.

The 5.0.1 update handles many problems, repairing bugs that may trigger information and routine improvements to display within the incorrect situation and producing movies about the Apple TV more secure.

thanks for the pest reports and feedback. This update contains the next promises:

– Information shows precisely in most cases.

– Friday periods display properly on iPad having a time-zone beyond PDT.

– The routine improvements properly in most cases.

– VoiceOver tag is proper for that taxi stop on Fridayis Bill Graham Civic Auditorium chart.

– Movies on Apple TV are far more secure.

Apple launched the 2016 update for that WWDC app a week ago, debuting a brand new search and a brand new edition thts also operates about the fourth generation Apple TV.

The WWDC app was created to be properly used by equally meeting participants and builders who have been unable to acquire seats for that occasion. Along with supplying on site resources for watching start-times for laboratories, periods, and occasions, the app offers the capability to view live-streaming sessions with Apple technicians.

Builders who’re unable to attend WWDC it’s still ready to practically attend periods through the WWDC app on iOS devices and the Apple TV.

Before today, Apple updated its function site to notice that it’ll be live-streaming the 10:00 a.m. keynote occasion on June 10. It’s not yet obvious when the live-stream is likely to be accessible through the WWDC app, but when not, it’ll be readable on Apple’s activities site and via an occasions app about the Apple TV.

The WWDC app could be saved in the App Store free of charge. [Direct Url]

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