Apple engineer who got Macos operating on Intel chips declined for Guru work

The NY Times reviews that JK Scheinberg, the manufacture notoriously accountable to get what was subsequently Macos operating on Intel devices, was declined for an Apple Store Guru work.

I’m fortunate enough to obtain my tech-support from JK Scheinberg, the manufacture at Apple who led the time and effort that shifted the Mac to Intel processors. Only a little disturbed after going in 2008, at 54, he thought he’n be considered a fantastic fit-for a situation at an Apple store Wizard Bar, despite being two times as aged as other people at the team meeting. “on the road out, all three of the interviewers singled me out and said, ‘We’ll maintain contact,’ ” he said. “I never noticed back.”

I wonder if they study his resume or Googled him …?

Scheinberg done the Intel transformation independently in his office at home. While he could demonstration it operating on the Sony Vaio, Stevejobs hurried down to Sony to provide it for them, the organization initially planning to consider the path of permitting others to permit the OS. Sony flipped him down.

Via Company Expert

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