Apple executive explains why the organization hasn’t introduced iMessage to Android

Just before WWDC, a statement surfaced declaring that Apple might at long last reveal iMessage for Android. Viewing how Apple had created its loading audio support on Android, several discovered this are accountable to be notably plausible. while you’re likely conscious of right now, nevertheless, iMessage for Android was nowhere found at WWDC this week. Today, we’ve gotten a bit of understanding into Apple’s thinking for not getting its message support to Google’s smartphone system…

In his regular column on The Brink, Walt Mossberg records of the discussion he’d having a “mature Apple government” concerning the organization getting iMessage to Android. Basically, exactly what the Apple government stated is the fact that the organization doesn’t have driving cause to create iMessage to Android and go away like a feature of iOS.

The government described that, since you will find over 1 million energetic devices, iOS customers give a “big enough data-set” for almost any artificial intelligence projects that Apple might be focusing on. Therefore, there’s no requirement for Apple to need a bigger dataset of customers utilizing iMessage at this aspect over time.

Furthermore, the unnamed government stated that having a powerful support like iMessage accessible just on iOS and macOS, Apple is driving revenue of its equipment. Again, this makes reasonable perception as you will find undoubtedly individuals available who’ve bought an iPhone, iPad, or Mac solely simply because they needed iMessage.

After I requested a mature Apple government why iMessage wasn’t being extended to additional systems, he offered two solutions. First, he explained, Apple views its user-base of 1 million energetic devices to supply a sizable enough data-set for almost any feasible AI understanding the organization is focusing on. And, minute, having an excellent messaging system that just done Apple devices might assist revenue of these devices — the organization’s traditional (and effective) reason for a long time.

One wrinkle within this reasoning, nevertheless, is Apple Audio. Apple did provide its loading audio support to Android, however it’s another kind of situation for me. Apple must ensure that its streaming audio system is achieving the same dimension market as competitive providers like Spotify. The largest reason behind this really is that it’s a bargaining device whenever using designers and brands. If an artist/tag is seeking to create a tune or recording launch unique and they’re-considering Spotify and Apple Audio, then it’s essential that Apple exactly the same reach as Spotify with regards to users and prospective customers. That’s false with iMessage.

Though some Android customers are most likely upset that iMessage isn’t visiting their smartphone any time in the future, iOS users are becoming a number of new functions with iOS 10 this drop, including a GIF keyboard, fresh concept delivering results, and a lot more.

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