Last week, we stated on an issue relating to Apple’s iMessage solution, which indicated that some messages would be sent, marked as “supplied,” yet never gotten. At the time, an AppleCare distributor acknowledged the problem, yet now, the company has actually officially described the problem, while likewise noting that a solution will be bundled into an honest software update.


The crux of the story, for those which missed the initial report, is that some iPhone individuals changing to Android were discovering that iOS was still pushing messages with as iMessages, which, naturally, Android (as well as other platforms) inherently could not process.

Senders would certainly get the normal “delivered” alert below the message, yet as opposed to actually delivering, the message would simply disappear into the swirling vortex of cyberspace.

Talking with Re/code, Apple formally recognized the presence of the issue, which affects those which change from iPhone to an additional OS without very first disabling iMessage. The evident solution, if you’re intending on switching over and would certainly such as not to miss any type of possibly crucial messages, is to ensure you shut down iMessage prior, yet at an age where phones – – specifically iPhones – – are being swiped at will, Apple is additionally lining up a much more long-term option.

Allied to this problem with undelivered messages, Apple has actually additionally been dealing with some current server-side issues associating with iMessage, as well as though these have now been resolved, an additional vermin solution need to loom through “a future software application update.”

Additionally, Apple motivates anybody experiencing issues to to the natural point and call AppleCare, however with any luck, we’ll be getting that upgrade earlier as opposed to later.


iMessage hasn’t specifically been laden with issues since initial manifesting together with iOS 5, but it’s absolutely had its reasonable share of negative press over the previous couple of years. Along with these well-documented recent problems, the usually safe, reliable solution has had a substantial amount of downtime en route, which has, at times, made the whole facilities to its knees.

Include to this the prominent wave of DoS strikes, and it’s clear that Apple’s exclusive messaging solution is much from best; although despite its drawbacks, it is, on a great day, perhaps the most effective in the business.

So, if you’re intending on abandoning your iPhone, be sure to switch iMessage off just before you do, and we’ll permit you understand merely as quickly as the now-confirmed update shows up.

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