Apple Granted Patent For iPad Wise Cover With Integral Touchscreen, Scratchpad Performance

Apple has nowadays been given a brand new patent for an Apple Wise Address, and though any such thing does currently occur, that one undoubtedly attributes a couple of items that you gained’t locate in virtually any existing item.

The patent, which we coated in 2012 when Apple initially submitted for this, continues to describe the Wise Address under consideration might function not only one more touchscreen, but additionally WACOM-like stylus-drawing abilities, among other activities.

iPad smart cover patent drawing

The patent functions pictures that recommend the unannounced iPad address might offer an additional display for iPad use that will show advantageous to the ones that need research information on a single display and another display to become readily available for working. We discover ourselves questioning whether it’d likewise merely give a greater book reading expertise provided the guide metaphor that this type of setup might stimulate.

One especially fascinating example has got the Wise Address being suitable for some kind of drawing and publishing device for example an Apple Pen, with something in a position to be created on while shut. This could provide individuals a great spot to create records or write down something that they might have to remember at a later date. The scratchpad performance could be a fascinating supplement to the present Wise Addresses, that’s without a doubt.

iPad smart cover patent writing

“Exhibits embodiments with address shows designed on the exterior area of pill device covers.”

Here are a few of another pictures in the patent that Apple continues to be given nowadays, displaying various use-cases for this type of Wise Address:

ipad smart cover patent touch

“Exhibits a perspective view of the pill device backed with a segmented address within an alignment making the pill handy for viewing videos.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.40.38 AM

“Exhibits a high view of the pill device mounted on a versatile address having a additional display and normal energy collectors.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 1.18.27 AM

“Exhibits a perspective view of the pill device having a keyboard and touchscreen built-into the flap portion.”

(Source: USPTO)

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