With the iPhone 6 launch just nearby, leaks have absolutely quickened, and we have actually had lots of proof for that throughout the last couple of months. A number of supposed parts for the upcoming iPhone designs have emerged around the Internet, the majority of them falling in line with earlier reports relating to the iPhone 6 and iPhone Air (if that’s just what they wind up being called). Today, nevertheless, we have one more leak that allegedly shows the brand-new iPhone’s Lightning cable, with the emphasize being a reversible USB port.

The leaked photos, are allegedly from Apple’s vendor Foxconn, and show a USB plug which reveals the port connected to the center of the real estate as opposed to an edge, which presently ships with not simply iPhones, however all USB devices/cables worldwide. This will, basically, enable the device to obtain connected either side up in the USB port of your computer system, although we find it slightly tough that this could be accomplished whilst preserving the dimension of the housing itself. However, we’ll pretty soon discover just what Apple has done.

Apple Lightning iPhone

Even though this leak, much like all others prior to it, is unofficial already, it’s fairly likely to be real. With the USB 3.0 Promoter Group circulating using Type-C USB 3.1 connectors globally, it is very feasible that Apple would jump early onto the bandwagon to acquire the very early adapter benefit.

In case you haven’t check out it yet, USB 3.1 Type-C adapters are expected to be not simply quicker, yet also reversible on both ends, indicating you could connect them into the USB port and the connected tool regardless and not obtain aggravated.




It’s notable that Apple’s current generation of Lightning cable televisions, which the business ships with its iPhone 5/5s and iPad Air, are currently relatively easy to fix, however only on the device end. Last month, Apple likewise filed a patent for a relatively easy to fix USB adapter, so placing two and 2 together, this leakage may end up legitimate.

Although it’s all conjecture for now, Apple has had a performance history of taking care of minor nuisances that clients confront with technology. Maybe this is a step in the very same direction.

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