Apple today was awarded a license by the U.S. License and Trademark Office (using AppleInsider) that explains technology to partially disable a phone when the customer is driving. The license information many different lockout systems that block features like texting and TEXT in order to reduce sidetracked driving.

UNITED STATE License No. 8,706,143 describes two main techniques to obstruct select iPhone functions. The initial technique calls for no input from the vehicle and utilizes the iPhone’s accelerometer and other on-board sensors to figure out when a user is driving. An additional approach makes use of direct input from a car, which sends out a signal to the iPhone that obstructs an individual from text messaging and making use of various other cellphone features while behind the wheel.

The lock-out mechanisms disable the capability of a portable computing gadget to perform particular features, such as texting, while one is driving. In one personification, a portable computing gadget could give a lock-out system without needing any type of alterations or additions to a motor vehicle using a motion analyzer, a views analyzer and a lock-out mechanism. In other personifications, the portable computing gadget could give a lock-out system with alterations or additions to the car, including using signals transmitted by the vehicle or by the car trick when engaged with the automobile.

The modern technology would consist of a provision that would enable a phone to be used in an automobile by the guest. This feature utilizes visual input and sensing unit data to establish whether a person visits the motorist’s seat or resting in the traveler seat of the vehicle.

Just like all licenses, this is recommended modern technology that may or could not make its way into a future tool. Apple’s in-car efforts now concentrate on the Siri-controlled CarPlay, which provides voice-controlled accessibility to Charts, phone, messages and songs.

The in-car technology originally debuted as a factory-installed option in new 2014 luxury versions from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo and will be readily available as an aftermarket add-on via Pioneer and Alpine-branded receivers. It additionally will debut in 2015 Sonata designs from Hyundai.

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