Apple Pen 2 Might Function Contact identification, Compatible Nibs, Based On New Patent Filing

Apple had a brand new patent application given on Wednesday, using the equipment included within that patent strongly resembling the present Apple Pen item open to purchase to be used using the iPad Pro. Wherever issues start to vary, nevertheless, may be the addition of extra devices in addition to interchangeable nibs, two improvements that may potentially get this to unfamiliar stylus much more effective compared to one Apple is offering.

Given under U.S. Patent No. 9,329,703 for an “Smart Stylus” and dated 2011, this specific patent does seem much like the presently-delivery Apple Pen on first-blush, but you can find undoubtedly as numerous variations as their are parallels here.


Consider the interchangeable nibs, for example. Where the present Apple Pen employs stress sensitivity in addition to information regarding the Pen’s alignment, that will be gathered from the device itself, to be able to alter the dimension and position of brushstrokes produced because of it, this new patent enables interchangeable nibs that instantly alter these drawing and publishing faculties of the device.

The nibs, based on the patent, might function distinctive rules that will permit the stylus to identify that was being used at anyone period, altering the device’s productivity traits to complement.


Alongside nibs, the unannounced stylus proven within the patent also features more devices compared to present item, letting it more precisely understand its placement and alignment, and providing extra protection via Contact ID fingerprint sensor. This information is likely to be handed back again to an iPad Pro wirelessly via Wireless, just like it’s today.


An Impression identification fingerprint reader is recommended just as one choice for that “Id Indicator” proven here

The present Apple Pen just continued purchase weeks before, and using the smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro fresh-out of the blocks, it’s improbable that the fresh, redesigned Pen is coming anytime soon. All bets are down once the next iPad Pro is introduced, though.

(Source: USPTO)

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