The disparity between Apple’s phone market share and profits has been known since quite some time.All three metrics

Asymco’s Horace Dediu illustrates this disparity via charts, taking into account the latest numbers from all phone manufacturers.

His findings?

Apple accounts for 75 percent of the total profits of the mobile phone industry with a mere 9 percent marketshare. Samsung came in a distant next with 16 percent profits, followed by RIM at 3.7 percent and HTC at 3.0 percent.

Profit share of eight major mobile phone vendors

The best way to demonstrate the stark contrast between the workings of Apple and its rivals is this: the revenue share of Apple and Samsung wasn’t all that distant, Apple’s was 39 percent while Samsung’s was 25 percent. But Apple’s profit share was more than four times that of Samsung’s. When expressed as a fraction of revenue, Apple’s profits of $13 billion the last quarter were nearly a third of its revenue, while Samsung’s profits account for little more than a tenth of its revenues.

All three metrics

As can be seen in the chart above, Apple has maintained its position as the top profit maker in the mobile phone industry for 13 quarters in a row. Another interesting conclusion from these figures and charts – only Apple and Samsung, which together account for 91 percent of the industry’s profits, are thriving presently. All other manufacturers are either incurring losses or surviving on very small profits.

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