Apple understands that acquiring prospective consumers with the door at an early stage improves the possibilities of them ending up being consumers permanently, which is why it keeps advertising apps that are designed for youngsters throughout App Store promotions. If you could acquire youngsters made use of to managing iPads and communicating with the App Store at an early phase then they’re most likely to buy apples iphone and Macs when they grow up. It could seem cynical, but it’s a fact of life.

So the information that Apple has actually started offering some distinctly kid-focused products in its on-line store should not come as way too much of a shock, despite the fact that among those products is a Barbie doll. Yes, you check out that definitely best. A Barbie doll.

Apple toys

The doll isn’t really particularly futuristic or expensive either, however just what it does do is connect in perfectly with a free app that permits youngsters to produce then publish brand-new clothes for it. Setting you back merely shy of $ 50, no person will certainly charge the Barbie doll of being economical, however there’s no refuting that being able to develop bespoke clothes isn’t rather great at least.


Activision’s Skylanders Catch Team Beginner Pack for iPad has actually additionally risen available on Apple’s on the internet store and is identical to the one that has been offered via various other electrical outlets for some time. If you recognize with the Skylanders console video game then you’ll recognize exactly what to expect here, and there’s little uncertainty that youngsters do love the Skylanders cosmos.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 5.05.30 am

If you’re really feeling really flush though, the $ 99 WowWee MiP Robot will certainly correct up your street. A gesture controlled robot that can retrieving and lugging small items and also dance or combating with various other robots, the WowWee is most likely our favorite of the 3 new kid-oriented products. Allow’s admit, that doesn’t wish a robot that combats, right?


Apple’s current press to obtain kids involved in the iOS environment makes ideal sense from a business point ofview and with kids taking to iPads like the proverbial ducks to water one can assert that the 2 are a match made in paradise. Apple’s attempts to milk that match for all it’s worth simply makes excellent business feeling. Of that, there is no question.

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