According to data from net research company DeepField, Apple depended on its content delivery network along with Akamai and Spotlight to deal with the rollout of iOS 8 openly today (using The Commercial Journal). The launch of iOS 8 induced internet website traffic to greater than dual in some areas as millions of iOS users hurried to update their iOS devices.


“It really was a significant coming out celebration for the Apple CDN,” DeepField Leader Craig Labovitz claimed. “This is certainly a realization that Apple is not merely a software gamer. They’re not simply a mold of Computers. They have a Net backbone and also a worldwide Net presence.”

Apple has actually not commented openly on its material delivery network, yet the company supposedly has been working with the network for a number of years.

The CDN was thought to have gone live in the US and Europe in July of this year when Apple utilized the network to deliver smaller sized OS X updates.

In the future, the CDN likely will be utilized to delivery software application updates, such as the upcoming OS X Yosemite release, to consumers worldwide.

Apple also is anticipated to slowly move its iTunes as well as App Store away from Akamai and other Level 3 CDNs as it strives to deliver data accurately to its customers by bringing this material shipping under its direct control.

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