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Apple Watch Line 2 Introduced: Functions, Cost, Releasedate

Apple has made Apple Watch Series 2 official. Here are its features, price and release date info, in short, here’s everything you need to know about the second-generation Apple Watch.

It was almost two years ago to the day that Apple eventually let the cat out of the bag and introduced the world to the first-generation Apple Watch. It was another seven months before it actually started adorning physical and digital shelves, as well as people’s wrists, but we now finally have confirmation, as well as our first glimpse, at the second-generation Apple Watch which is referred to as the Apple Watch Series 2.

Apple Watch series 2

Despite the fact that Apple’s smartwatch has spent nearly two years without an upgrade, the next iteration of the device wasn’t expected at the company’s fall event, which is usually set aside for the more dominant iPhone lineup. Many likely didn’t think Apple would want its most popular product to share stage time with its wearable, but here we are.

The features, price and availability of the new Apple Watch have been laid bare, and we’re going to give you a rundown of all three right here.

Specs / Features


Design wise, the second-generation Apple Watch is instantly recognizable as the older brother of Apple’s first wearable. With that said, it doesn’t mean that Apple hasn’t made changes where they were needed. The Series 2 is completely re-engineered from the inside. However, Apple has added a new edition in addition to the stainless steel, aluminum and 24 karat gold variants; a ceramic Apple Watch.

New Processor

As expected, the Apple Watch Series 2 packs a Dual-Core S2 processor which makes the Series 2 50% faster then its older sibling. The new GPU brings 2x the performance of the first-gen Apple Watch as well.


Anyone purchasing the Apple Watch Series 2 will get a smartwatch with an integrated GPS chip for activity and location tracking independently of a connected iPhone or iOS device.

More Fitness Sensors

One of the primary reasons that people buy an Apple Watch, or a smartwatch in general, is for its ability to track activity and other health-related metrics. Apple’s intelligent watch has always done a great job of this, and has excelled where others have failed thanks to an integration with Apple’s own Health platform, but this latest model is ready to take things to the next level with additional advanced fitness tracking.


Battery life is always a concern with any mobile device, be it a smartphone or a smartwatch. Apple might not be anywhere near solving battery issues and having that elusive everlasting device yet, but when operating in conjunction with a more efficient watchOS 3, it should give a noticeable improvement in uptime.

Fully Waterproof

Gone are the worries of getting overly excited on vacation and jumping into the pool or sea with your Apple Watch still attached to your wrist. It seems that the world is fixated on making mobile devices waterproof, and Apple has duly obliged with the Apple Watch Series 2. The watch is now good for wearing while swimming, diving into the pool from a height, and more. Apple has also redesigned the speaker here, which can work to pump out the water collected into that space. Genius!


Apple makes no secret of the fact that it likes to get the most out of its products by marrying hardware and software together in perfect unison. With that in mind, the second-generation Apple Watch will instantly benefit from all of the improvements brought about with the release of watchOS 3. With efficient and instant application loading, new watch faces and experiences on offer, this new Apple Watch has it all, thanks to watchOS 3.


If the Apple Watch Series 2 has piqued your interest, you might want to manage your expectations when it comes to its accessories. Nothing new here, really. As expected, to bolster the Apple Watch 2 proposition, Apple has announced a slew of new Apple Watch bands to accompany the launch.


The Apple Watch Series 2 is now available as multiple models. In addition to the stainless steel and aluminum builds, there’s a new white ceramic build as well. Apple has also announced a new Hermes edition, as well as a the Apple Watch Nike+ edition of the new Series 2 wearable.


Apple Watch Series 2 may be new and shiny, but the price tag to accompany it is still there for all to see. Anyone who has been waiting for Apple to announce this new version, or who has the first Apple Watch and will be looking to upgrade, can expect to part with upwards of $369. Apple is also upgrading the first-gen Apple Watch with the new dual-core processor and calling it the Apple Watch Series 1. The Series 1 will now come in at a starting price of $269.

Release Date

It would be heartbreaking if we finally got to feast our eyes upon the second-generation Apple Watch and then had to wait months for it to be in our hands. Thankfully, Apple is in the business of announcing hardware and then trying to get it to fly off the shelves as quickly as possible. The second-generation Apple Watch will be available to own starting October 2016.

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