Apple’s figures on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus really display less battery-existence for some duties

Apple promises somewhat greater battery-existence for that fresh iPhones, the heading numbers being as much as an hour or so significantly more than the 6s for that Plus and as much as two hours more for that 4.7-inch design – but the brand new telephones seem to really provide worse battery-existence in several situations …

Should you check out the relative numbers on Apple’s site, all of the figures do certainly display a substantial escalation in using the iPhone 7 within the 6s. For that 4.7-inch design, for instance, Web utilization increases from 10 hrs to 12 hrs on 3G/LTE, and from 11 hrs to 14 hours on WiFi. But there are several interesting conditions.

For that 4.7-inch design, audio play falls from 50 hours about the iPhone 6s to 40 hours about the iPhone 7. For that 5.5-incher, audio play drops from eighty hours to sixty hours, while chat-period is along from 24 hours to 21 hours.

It’s feasible the figures are mistakes, obviously. We’ve reached out to Apple and may update if we obtain a reaction.

Cheers, Jordan

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