Apple’s response to receiving iPhone 7 while hearing wired headphones: the Lightning Dock

Apple deprecated what it named “historic” engineering recently, using the iPhone 7 missing a 3.5mm headphone port. The organization is stimulating Bluetooth instant headphones for audio play (heralding its fresh AirPods) or utilizing wired headphones via Lightning. Nevertheless, with only one port, individuals who wish to pay attention to audio and cost their iPhone 7 at the same time frame are quit having a predicament.

Apple’s response to this issue seems to be the $39-49 Lightning Pier which provides a 3.5mm headset port when docked.

This message seems to function as the Apple answer, because of a contact discussion delivered to us with a reader. Zaheen Hafzer claims he questioned Phil Schiller about how to cost the iPhone 7 and pay attention to audio at exactly the same time. Schiller stated although he favors utilizing the AirPods for that extra instant versatility, the Lightning Pier may be the solution for wired headphones.

Below’s what Schiller stated based on Zaheen:

Hello Zaheen,

I like to hear on my AirPods while my iPhone 7 Plus is receiving since I’m liberated to maneuver around.

Nevertheless, should you might like to hear wired headphones while getting an iPhone 7 it’s feasible to achieve that aswell.

The Apple Lightning Pier features a headset port for utilizing wired headphones or speakers while getting.

I really hope that helps.

It’s correct this is just a feasible option-but it still isn’t perfect, charging both more income atop the buying price of the phone and its awkward size. The coaster-sized pier isn’t truly designed to be considered a lightweight item. It’s best utilized like a fixed pier at house, though this is probably whenever your iPhone requirements getting.

The Lightning Pier also ties one to the 3.5mm environment which is really a touch annoying whilst the same audio output won’t use the iPhone itself. It generally does not allow you to use the Lightning EarPod headphones which come within the iPhone 7 box while getting. It appears like the very best answer for optimum comfort is to look at Wireless headphones because they works across iPhone 7, iPads, Apples, Apple TV and virtually every other device. Normally, Apple may wish to market you its $159 AirPods but any set of Wireless headphones may suffice.

What do you consider? May be the Lightning Pier a great treatment for the issue of getting and hearing about the iPhone 7?

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