I ‘d seen Pou on the Application Store numerous times in the past, with its terrifying little poop beast (that’s just what he is, right?) smiling at me from scratch Paid Apps list. The initial time I saw it there I believed it was an error, given how basic the computer game– and I’m using the term “game” as loosely as feasible right here– seemed to be. An application like this might have acquired some interest in the App Establishment’s early years, however today?

Just how? Why? I needed to know, so I pony would certainly up the US$ 1.99 and downloaded things. Now I acquire it. Now it makes good sense. Now I recognize why it’s performed the leading of the plans for months; It turns out you’re all comprehensive fools.

If you have actually not skilled Pou yourself– and no, I’m not telling you to download it, so don’t also think of it– it’s primarily a Tamagotchi for your iPhone. It’s a little “alien” that poops and gripes and needs your interest from time to time to avoid keeling over and perishing. Great.

Regrettably, the application is practically laughably hideous, with fuzzy text and hideous symbols all over the area. In spite of being launched in the Retina age, it resembles it was initially an iPhone 3G app that has been extended to fit on a higher-resolution display. I have actually just examined it on my iPhone 5s, and I definitely quiver to think just what it could resemble on my iPad.

Other than being hideous, the app does not clarify definitely anything regarding how it functions. Your little brownish stack of misery poops throughout himself within 5 secs of beginning the application (I wish I were joking) and it’s up to you to find the restroom to wash him up. Where’s the bathroom? Well you wind up fighting out through hit and miss that arrows on either side of the screen adjustment what space you’re in, and if your display modifications from red to blue, you’re now in the washroom. Silly me.

The only real “playing” that takes place is available in the type of ultra-simple minigames like matching three shades or bouncing Pou off of platforms. The most significant compliment I could offer to the games is that they aren’t broken. They’re not enjoyable past the first 35 seconds, but at least they are functional.

The app is absolutely obsessed with acquiring your e-mail address. Click the setups menu and it’ll ask you for your email address. If you cancel out, you’ll still be in the settings food selection, however it will certainly ask for it every single time you click setups. Most likely this is so you could produce an account and shop friends (why it doesn’t just use Game Center is beyond me), yet you cannot touch the environments without being asked.

I’m not exactly certain that is acquiring and enjoying this game. It seems too obtuse for anyone youthful adequate to not care that it’s downright gruesome, however I sense that’s specifically the target market. However, the application isn’t free of cost, to ensure that implies the blame lies with the bank card owners.

The app reviews are just as puzzling, with individuals asking the designer to include even more in-app acquisitions (just what?), and composing head-scratching suggestions such as:

“I liked it but it misbehaved considering that it was so excellent i like the component that was bad and did not like the component that excelled that is all I have to claim on this mater yet i wishes to discus the regards to capitulation that occurred while playing this computer game.” – Cyrusiscool


I think I’m just dissatisfied. I believed we, as Application Store buyers, had actually relocated on and left these types of applications behind. I thought the days of fart apps had actually passed, however I was incorrect. Pou is the games equivalent of a fart application, and it is just one of the very best marketing computer games available. I anticipated better.

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