Edwin the Goose is definitely an iPhone-related rubber duckie which was first launched towards the globe in 2014 via Kickstarter. The strategy didnot achieve its financing objective and didn’t get enough curiosity, but Edwin’s designers, who’d a perspective of the better duckie, didnot quit. Edwin managed to get into manufacturing was proven off in January of 2015, and started delivery later in 2015.

Edwin captured a fortunate break-in November of 2015, winding-up within the Apple Online Store, an indication of Apple’s acceptance. Edwin can also be currently offered in additional main retail places, like Bestbuy, where he is been benefiting from good evaluations from children and parents alike.

whenever we at MacRumors noticed Edwin the Goose on Apple’s website, we scoffed at the chance of the $100 rubber duckie, which led to an invitation to test Edwin for ourselves to determine whether it’s worth spending $100 for an iPhone-linked goose.

As anything of the doll lover, I happily accepted the process. I will state in advance that I’ve a young child’s reaction to not be gauged by any kids to Edwin, but even while a grownup, Edwinis style thrilled me and pleased along with his selection of functions. Edwin is adorable, but he’s imperfect – there are several particular disadvantages, that we’ll protect in my own evaluation.


Edwin seems like a conventional yellow duckie, that will be of why is him so charming section. It is a style that people and children of ages have not become unaccustomed to. Edwin ties in the hand’s hand and is made of a, flexible plastic that is sleek and gentle towards the contact. When you have a dog, Edwinis rubbery substance tends to get hair (and dirt), but it’s simple enough to wash the goose down.

Edwin’s mind is squishy and squeezable, but his body, where technology are located, is difficult like a typical plastic doll. Included in Edwin is just an audio, an accelerometer numerous LEDs, and devices at the wings, butt, and torso that identify shoes. There is a heart shaped LED on Edwinis torso, which blinks inexperienced or red to signify connection that is iPhone. It blinks red while attached to an iPhone.

irrespective of sleepy-time style, where Edwin can be used like a nightlight, these LEDs don’t turn down and continuously flash; a visible stimulation that may be annoying and annoying.

Underneath Edwin, there is a dish that houses his battery. Edwin employs boats and inductive charging having a natural stay where he is able to be positioned at night. The battery lasts for approximately ten hours, which in my own encounter, enough to get a full-day of utilization accessed the app and enjoying audio.


To get a duckie, Edwin may do a quantity of issues. Edwin is completely waterproof, therefore he is able to be properly used like a bathtub doll in perhaps a bath or a bathtub. There is an integral audio therefore Edwin may be used to perform audio, but I ought to explain the audio is not quality that is excellent. It is ideal for Edwinis fun story-telling youngsters’ tunes and function, but additional information may seem a little dull and altered.

I will use Edwin to hear Apple Audio or an audiobook within the bath, however it does not seem almost as obvious or sharp as my devoted waterproof audio. Audio handles (aside from quantity) will also be non existent, a little of the frustration provided Edwinis integral accelerometer. By having an app that is associated, Edwin has the capacity to perform relaxing evening looks.

There Is an LED within Edwin, permitting the goose to become utilized like a nightlight having a tap on his side. Utilizing the app, the light’s lighting could be managed and a timer could be set-to contain it turn down following a collection time period.

Edwin will even quack when struck about the end feathers and the accelerometers at the wings permit him to become combined with in-app activities and fun reports. It’d be good to determine anything like this usually put on all audio for issues like changing a tune as the wings and butt may be used to manage capabilities inside the app. Edwin’s performance would be additionally improved by having control within the LED inside.


Although Edwin may function like a Wireless audio and a nightlight without having to connect to an app, the majority of his crucial functions are dependent on a iOS device and 1 of 2 associated apps: Edwin the Goose and Edwinis Sleepy-Time.

Because Edwin demands a iOS device, parents are likely to have to supply kids having a devoted iOS device or give their very own iPhone or iPad whenever a kid really wants to perform with Edwin.

a Lot Of this content within the Edwin the Goose app appears to be focused at really young kids, particularly those people who are at age to understand about designs. You will find two fun activities obtainable in the app at this time, both which concentrate on designs. Among the activities, “Designs With Edwin,” requires kids to pick the called form out.

Selecting a choice is performed utilizing Edwinis accelerometer, going on his right wing, left wing, butt feathers, or torso to pick the right solution. Kids may also tap straight inside the app. Edwin quacks and flashes green once the correct form is chosen. To get a solution that is incorrect, he’ll display red.

another game, “Edwinis Form Matching,” is comparable, needing children to complement the format towards the proper form through the exact same actions. Each sport experiences five designs, that are restricted to block, group, pie, stone, rectangle, celebrity, and hexagon.

Combined with The two activities, there is a bath-time tune that is got very the different refrain: “Squishy squishy squashy provide Edwin a washy, Squishy squishy squashy provide myself a washy.” Once the tune is enjoying, Edwin may move back and forth or turn him to create splashing sounds and quacks.

The app is completed out having a tale. Just like the activities, children might help Edwin through the story by going on him as he takes breakfast brushes his teeth, and does his tasks. You will find mini-games like gathering balloons, throwing tops in a cabinet, and earning a competition, producing the tale the absolute most enjoyable and fun part of the app built-in.

apart from both activities, the tale, and the tune, there is no additional information within the app. Anything else is called “Arriving shortly,” that will be frustrating. I am not really a two-year old, but two comparable activities using exactly the same designs and the same search appeared to get old rapidly. The tale and the tune were more fun, but there is a particular insufficient content.

another app readily available for Edwin, Edwinis Sleepy-Time, allows parents turn Edwin right into an evening sound device and nightlight. Using the app, Edwin may perform comforting sounds like perhaps a pulse or rainfall, or he is able to perform with lullabies like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. There is a choice to turn the LED inside Edwin on moderate reduced, or large, and there are timers that’ll turn down the audio following a period of time that is collection.


Main Point Here

Edwin is definitely an undeniably adorable doll that is likely to attract people and children alike because of a rubber duckie style that is vintage. With integral functions like a nightlight and an audio, Edwin includes a large amount of power and may be used on the daily schedule, providing long-term price to the merchandise.

having said that, Edwinis primary attractiveness is its app connection and the capability to function as an active doll, and for the reason that division, Edwin is missing. Both apps that use Edwin are good, but there is a limited quantity of the apps and activities and information accessible which are involved are brief.

When I described, I don’t have kids, but I’ve a tough time viewing how one-story, one tune, and two form-focused academic “activities” are likely to keep youngsters entertained for almost any substantial time period. I’dnot spend $100 for these functions, but like a comforting evening friend and a bath-time audio, Edwin might be worth the cash.

Because I’ve no children to check Edwin with, I study every customer review I possibly could find on Edwin. Edwin’s been getting a mostly good reaction from children and parents equally in the App Store and within online evaluations, recommending it’s a doll that is in a position to supply benefit that is enough for your cost. I am also wishing continuing improvement may include more worth moving forward.

The group behind Edwin informs me a brand new sport is likely to be readily available for Edwin within the quite forseeable future, with extra tunes and tales prepared for early 2016. LED color handles for that integral lighting is likely to be included in another update towards the Sleepy-Time app and an approaching bathtub app may emphasize a heat indicator, switching Edwin red when bathwater is also comfortable.


  • Wonderful rubber duckie style
  • Nightlight
  • Audio
  • Waterproof


  • Insufficient information
  • Incorporated information is brief
  • Can not turn off flashing center lighting
  • Body draws dirt/hair

Just how to Purchase

Edwin the Goose can be bought in the Edwin the Goose site for $99. It is also accessible in the Apple Online Store and some retail Apple places at exactly the same price-point.

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