The QardioBase is just a Wifi linked wise size developed by Qardio, exactly the same organization that creates the well known medical-quality QardioArm blood-pressure monitoring item. QardioBase, Qardiois minute item, was initially launched in January of 2015 at CES and started shipping out to clients within the drop.

Qardiois new size contains functions for calculating fat and examining body structure to supply information on an individual’s all around health. These wellness is bundled by it -administration functions right into a pleasant bundle that is designed to offer light assistance towards a wholesome lifestyle. I’ve been screening the QardioBase for all months today, and the functions it offers and while Iam a lover of the minimum style, there are from attractive to all customers several defects that’ll avoid it.


In the beginning look, the QardioBase is one attractive size. Round fit, it includes a glass that was basic white -lined top that is unmarred other accessories or by figures. Underneath that glass is definitely an LED display, that will be what shows additional info and bodyweight utilizing pixels that are natural.

The QardioBase seems good, however in my encounter, it’s a not-minor design defect. It’s a channel-formed style where more outwards is extended by the external sides of the size compared to foundation, which makes it unpredictable. After I walked on or off the size close to the advantage, it felt like it went to tip-over, getting me along side it. I did, although Used to donot drop when utilizing it possess a several ” my gosh!” occasions where I’d to seize onto anything to steady myself. This uncertainty appears like a large error, although I am no custom.

Calculating in at 12.6 inches across, the QardioBase is comparable in dimensions towards the typical home size, but its round-shape means it generally does not match as nicely facing a wall or in a large part when not being used.

Below, the QardioBase starts up-to permit batteries to become placed. 8 AAA batteries are taken by it, probably underneath the glass because of the LED display. That is clearly a substantial continuing price, and a large amount of batteries to possess to continue palm. Our size that is current employs half that quantity of batteries. According QardioBase, the batteries last annually with normal utilization to, and I’d no difficulties with battery in the period that the size was examined by me.

The QardioBase was pretty correct with my weight, which never changes not even close to 100lbs, however it did are likely to provide up various weight parts through 10 weighings throughout the same five-minute screening period:










Real weight, as calculated by my regular size that didn’t possess the same variations across several weighings, was 101.4. It isn’t an enormous distinction, however the Qardio was down by nearly a lb a few of the period and not obtaining the same fat outcome twice was not even.

Other Functions

Wise visible feedback is among the greatest characteristics concerning the QardioBase. Whenever you step on, it’ll display a depressing face a happy face, or perhaps a natural face to provide instant feedback on weight reduction or weight gain. An LED readout of fat accompanies the facial skin, which means you don’t have to start the app to obtain a weight dimension. You are able to set it to display the fat if, for whatever reason, you dislike pleased encounters.

Along Side weight, the QardioBase actions excess fat. I can not discuss the precision of the function since within my period screening, I was unable to locate a method to have my excess fat examined appropriately. I possibly couldnot look for a dependable medical source to obtain correct information, although I approached both my physician and additional physicians in my own region.

Machines that measure excess fat through bioelectrical impedance possibly really should not be depended upon as providing correct information, as there are certainly a large amount of factors that may influence outcomes actually on the daily foundation, including moisture degree, intake of food, workout, and your skin about the base. Based on Consumer Reviews, these scales are incorrect enough that it’s not going to contain excess fat abilities like a full when screening machines, and a 2008 research of comparable devices [PDF] discovered them helpful just as a way to inspire topics to lose excess weight because of minimal precision.

To have an excess fat dimension, the size requires skin contact. Which means clothes have to be eliminated. I noticed much more variance using the excess fat measurement as the weight dimensions taken using the size were usually near to my real fat. I’d parts which were as large and as little as 27 percentage as 35 percent within several weeks’ span.

centered on fat, the QardioBase will even contain body-mass index measurements to allow customers understand where they drop on that size. It’s information on bone structure, and water also, obtained from your body fat dimension, but again, these are of dubious precision being calculated with only a heartbeat through the base.

The QardioBase also offers settings specifically made for following weight gain during pregnancy, and it’ll help multiple customers. It registers various customers instantly centered on body and fat structure, therefore each individual in a household could make utilization of the functions of the QardioBase and it’ll connect to numerous apps on various devices.


Setting the QardioBase utilizing the app up was an easy procedure for me personally. I saved the app, produced a merchant account, adopted the directions, and walked about the size. Our QardioBase and my Wi-Fi attached network immediately and I’venot had any issues since — information is definitely easily used in the Qardio app.

Dimensions obtained from the Qardio size are shown about the display to get a short second and are available to get a longer time period within the app. The Qardio app links towards the size and shows the info for that newest reading, including excess fat percentage fat percentage, body-mass list, and weight reduction goals.

A “Records” area allows customers place pre-described or custom notes for research later, for example “I am on the great ability” or “Went off-track this week.”

The app software is basic, but simple to study. Additionally, it provides areas offering dimensions with time, which may be structured right into perhaps a list of loads published by day obtained or a point chart. It offers a watch of times that the fat was obtained for modifying a fat target and a watch.

A Reminders area inside the app may be used to advise one to consider oneself every day, that will be helpful since it’s perfect to have a fat dimension at the same time frame each day within the same problems to prevent versions launched by apparel or minor variations in water-retention throughout the morning and the night time.

for those who prefer to not monitor issues like body-mass list and body structure, the app provides settings to manage the QardioBase. A weight function that is only may banish body structure and body-mass list, and there is for following fat via a pregnancy, a choice.

The app will even contain dimensions in the QardioArm blood-pressure check should you possess some of those, and it’s functions for linking to buddies and household, entering physician info, upgrading QardioBase firmware, and obtaining assistance.

Main Point Here

The QardioBase was first seen by me in 2015 at CES, and I had been obtained using the character of the size and the easy style. Therefore it was a frustration when it did not very surpass my objectives that is nevertheless accurate nowadays.

I really like a size that winks at me and laughs after I step on, however the adorable element does not very outweigh the little errors I experienced when getting my fat and the larger issue of the unpredictable size foundation. The walking is simply plain frightening at situations in the event that you don’t arrange the feet correctly or incorrectly step about the advantage.

The QardioBase was never somewhat incorrect about my fat, however it did frequently provide somewhat different dimensions even if these dimensions were obtained at the same time frame. Thatis not a thing thatis likely to bother many people, however for individuals who are currently searching for severe precision, it’s an issue.

Precision could be fixed through firmware upgrades, however the unpredictable equipment style can not be set. The QardioBase is adorable and it could be for maintaining a watch on general fat a helpful device, but it’s not the very best wise size available on the market. Possible QardioBase customers must try to test drive it out by buying from the business having a generous policy and have to be conscious of the disadvantages.


  • Excellent style
  • Smiley/unhappy experience is adorable
  • Steps fat and excess fat
  • Simple startup, linked app is effective
  • Supports multiple customers
  • Combines with Apple Wellness


  • Unpredictable
  • Requires 8 AAA batteries
  • Provides diverse dimensions

Just how to Purchase

The QardioBase can be bought in the Qardio site for 9.99.

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