The Bozon Apple Watch stay of Actionproof is exclusive in a of Apple Watch components due to the uncommon, form that is cool. It appears more like a doll or perhaps a contemporary art item than the usual conventional stay, however it wound up being more practical and more straightforward to utilize than a few of the additional Apple Watch stands I Have examined.

produced from a gentle dark silicon, the Bozon includes a flexible dark hand-sized world-shaped top mounted on four feet for balance. Like the majority of Apple Watch stands, you have to provide your personal receiving puck, which suits in to the Bozon’s entrance. The Bozon’s inside is useless, allowing excess wire to be stored by it.

establishing the Bozon using the Apple Watch charger was remarkably easy, particularly when it found winding-up extra wire. There are certainly a large amount of Apple Watch docks and sticks out there that conceal additional wire, but many achieve this in a more complicated method. Using the Bozon, it had been fast easy, and stylish.

the very first step to adding the Apple Watch charger within the stay would be to match the receiving puck in to the front-opening. It ties in at a downhill position, and there is an additional position that houses the wire that links to charger’s part. From there, the wire goes out and into the center of the Bozon through the trunk right knee, with a removable cover.

When The charger is in position, additional wire is pressed back to the inside of the Bozon through the knee, till it’s as brief as preferred. The internal room that is little could hold the excess cord all from the 2m Apple Watch receiving wire that is regular. The knee cover suits back on within the wire to get a nice, clear look once the additional wire is within the Bozon. it wasn’t a large package when it was fixed on the table, although the knee limit does not fit firmly about the Bozon, and so I did contain it come loose several times.

An Apple Watch suits round the Bozonis circular top in panorama style, using the group relaxing about the thighs for balance. The Apple Watch is basically kept in position via the magnetic connection between your view itself and that link and the charger, along with the circular body and the thighs the group wraps around, retains the Apple Watch from moving around or falling-off. I’d no issues my Apple Watch could be knocked-out of location or neglect to cost that, and it was examined by me with each 42mm Apple Watches and 38mm.

The Bozon facilitates open or closed loop rings, however it operates (and appears) greatest when available-cycle bands like the Apple Watch Activity are covered round the body and fixed. I’ve a little/method this is the smallest group that might match about the Bozon and Apple Watch Activity group on my 38mm Apple Watch — to shut, it requires to become fixed at last pit.

I’ve some third party rings which are smaller compared to little/method Apple Watch Activity group and these don’t match about the Bozon. The typical person has not smaller arms than me, although, which means this is unlikely to be an issue for most of US. It is still anything to not become unaware of.

when you have an Apple Watch having a Link Necklace, the Bozon is not likely to use it due to the fat of the group. It is also not likely to use third party rings which are comparable in weight. Actionproofis site indicates it’s incompatible with the Hyperlink Bracelet, although Used to donot possess a Link Band available to test.

Our stainless Apple Watch charger fits flush within the Bozon, however the bigger Apple Watch activity charger may protrude somewhat, which does not appear to have an effect how nicely the charger works. The Bozon is created completely from silicon, so there is no risk that any part else harm an Apple Watch or of the stay may damage.

since it retains the Apple Watch in a horizontal landscape positioning, the Bozon stay works together with Apple’s Nightstand style. The Apple Watch suits best about the Bozon in panorama style, by covering the Apple Watch group beneath the stay, however it may also be situated in a straight face positioning. I am unsure why it would be used by anybody in this way since it’s harder to obtain the Apple Watch on and off the stay, but it’s an accessible function.

using its four broadly-spread thighs, the Bozon is steady on any area, but it’s also small enough-not to occupy lots of space and brief enough that it’s not likely to get jostled or bumped around on incident even yet in high-traffic locations. Plus, the silicon it’s made from is grippy enough to maintain a set area is securely placed on by it.

Main Point Here

After I first noticed the peculiar style of the Bozon, I had been suspicious that its form would avoid it from being as practical as a few of the additional Apple Watch stands available on the market, but because it works out, there are certainly a large amount of intelligent style options here. The four feet of the Bozon maintain it steady, scrapes are prevented by the smooth silicon, and the hollow-body retains lots of extra wire.

being an additional advantage, it’s adorable. Not most people are likely to like the Bozon’s look, but I came across it to be always a relaxing change of speed from more conventional stands. It held my Apple Watch securely in position without taking lots of table area up. I have examined since it’s very easy to obtain my Apple Watch charger in and out easily require it for vacation and the Bozon and a number of Apple Watch getting options is among my favorites, equally for that factors in the above list. The Bozon also offers for coping with extra wire that I Have noticed yet the very best method.

really the only drawback towards the Bozon is its cost. It nevertheless appears costly to get a silicon stay without any advanced components, although it is listed at $39.99, that will be cheaper than several stands available on the market. Should you don’t mind the high cost and like the appearance of the Bozon, it’s worth buying up. Itis not only eye-candy – this can be a stay that’s a great deal opting for it.

obviously, if you’ve an Apple Watch having a Link Band or perhaps a third party band that is comparable in fat, you will possibly wish to prevent the Bozon.


  • Simple to include and eliminate Apple Watch charger
  • Covers extra wire
  • Durable but small
  • Works together with Nightstand style
  • Smooth silicon cannot harm Apple Watch


  • Just one shade available
  • Knee wire owner tends to remove
  • Does not help Link Band
  • Might not match smaller third party rings
  • Costly at $39.99

Just how to Purchase

The Bozon Apple Watch Receiving Dock could be bought from Amazon for $39.99.

Note: Actionproof supplied a Bozon stay to MacRumors totally free for that reasons of the evaluation. No additional payment was obtained.

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