Following competitor Verizon, which began offering a shared voice/text/data plan in June, AT&T today announced a similar plan to begin in late August of 2012.

The plan, known as the AT&T Mobile Share Plan, offers anywhere from 1 to 20 GB of shared data per month in addition to unlimited talk and text for a set fee that ranges from $40 for 1 GB to $200 for 20 GB. Data over the monthly plan costs $15 per GB.

Each smartphone added to the plan also pays a specific monthly fee that declines from $45 per phone for the 1 GB plan to $30 per phone for 10 GB or more, and tablets and gaming devices can be added for $10 each per month.

Adding a mobile hotspot device to your plan adds $20 per month, while adding a basic or message phone to the plan costs $30 per month. One advantage of the AT&T plan is that it offers free unlimited access at more than 30,000 AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots nationwide that does not count against the monthly data limit.

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