Flappy Bird is straightforward, uncomplicated and hugely successful. Those 3 things make it a prime target for copycats, and since the game has actually perched itself on the leading of the App Store plans, the clones are arriving completely force. They are, on the whole, totally garbage, and I’ve taken a whole lot of them for a test drive so you do not need to. It was ruthless, yet right here are 6 Flappy Bird wannabes that you need to stay away from at all prices.

Flappy Penguin

Stay clear of the harmful garbage (laser devices and bombs, by chance) while gathering the various other rubbish (coins and items). Yawn.

Flappy Aircraft

Clipart of a plane should prevent the various other clipart. That’s the entire game, and the aircraft doesn’t flap, so it’s likewise untrue advertising and marketing.

Fly Birdie – Flappy Bird Leaflet

Holy foolishness. Also though this game includes 2 moving parts (the bird and the pipes prominent), it runs like downright garbage. It’s in fact bogging down on my iPhone 5s. That’s an unique kind of cracked.

Smarcle Flyer

I have no idea just what a “Smarcle” is, and I don’t ever wish to know. The game is unsightly and does not play any better than it looks.


The most effective part concerning Flappy Bee is that its name is in fact “Happy ” after you download it. Clearly the game wasn’t carrying out well sufficient under its original title so the designer decided to see if a new title would certainly aid. It really did not.

Fluffy vs Flappy Birds

The one in fact looks amazingly helpful for a ripoff, yet the gameplay is somewhat even much more aggravating compared to that of Flappy Bird– and not in an excellent way. It’s slow, uninteresting and offers absolutely nothing in the means of a reasonable, enjoyable challenge.

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