Ryan Petrich has released a new jailbreak tweak called MusicBanners, which displays notifications for track changes in Notification Center and lock screen.

Ryan Petrich has released popular jailbreak apps and tweaks such as ProSwitcher, Rotation Inhibitor, DeepEnd, Clippy, DisplayOut etc and had also worked with chpwn to legally bring Siri (Spire) to non-iPhone 4S devices.

He recently also released a new jailbreak tweak called Belfry that allowed users who had jailbroken their iPads to legally install stock iPhone apps such as Weather, Clock, Calculator, Voice Memos, Compass  and Stocks to Apple’s iPad using the same technique that was used to legally bring Siri to non-iPhone 4S devices to the iPad.

MusicBanners is similar to the NowListening jailbreak tweak, but in addition to the banner notifications, MusicBanners also shows alerts for track changes in the lock screen. MusicBanners also shows the album art in the notification, which gives it a nice touch.

Just like NowListening the jailbreak tweak works with other third party music apps such as Spotify, Pandora, Last.fm, Grooveshark etc. in addition the iPod app. The only drawback is that it opens the iPod app when you tap on the banner or lock screen notifications.

The tweak would have been even more useful if one could swipe to the right to skip to the next track (one of the features of NowListening) and swipe to the left to the listen to the previous track again.

MusicBanners is available on Cydia for free.

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