Apple made a bunch of visual changes with iOS 7, but although – – after a distinctive initial resistance – – most people appear to have warmed to the flatter, tidier new appearance, this hasn’t already stopped the Cydia community from coming via with a host of great themes. And lately, a new skin by the name of Sophistication has fallen over at the MacCiti repository, and makes use of some quite washy shades of colour to produce a completely dry, undervalued view that we believe works effectively.

Elegance header

WinterBoard does have its fair share of critics, yet as for providing an extensive theming experience that could enter every one of the Apple firmware’s nooks and crannies, it’s peerless. Elegance, as with many iOS 7 styles we have actually been blessed with so much, counts after WinterBoard as a prerequisite, but gave you have it installed on your device (if you don’t, then it will certainly be contributed to as a dependence anyhow), then you excel to go with Elegance.

The style is tidy, marginal, and offers quite a departure from the graphics at stock level. Also though the native iOS 7 icons are perfectly refined, they are a little bit on the bright side, yet with Sophistication, those home screen symbols won’t feel as though they’re burning your retinas.

As abovementioned, the Sophistication theme could be purchased over at the MacCiti repo, which must reside in your default listing of Cydia sources provided that you have not decided to delete it off your own accord.

Elegance screenshots

If you wish something fairly different to the indigenous iOS 7, however do not intend to press ahead with anything also extreme, then Sophistication is definitely worth visiting. At the cost of $ 1.99, it offers excellent value for money, and because the developer wants to fill requests for symbols, it is being improved and broadened all of the time.

iOS Screenshot 20140315-051956 01

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