Earlier this month, we discovered that the renowned BioShock was to be released on Apple’s iOS, and also after a few weeks of making the last preparations, the renowned title is now all set to download for iPhone, iPad and also iPod touch.

Such is the power of the modern mobile tool, that somewhat more mature console video games could essentially be ported over for a full-on, untouched encounter, and while, in years passed, we were accustomed to token, second-rate spin-offs, this brand-new BioShock release is anything but.

BioShock main

As mentioned in our previous protection, this is a complete on re-run of the initial BioShock adjusted nicely for the touch-based control set, and also although we haven’t had an opportunity to attempt it out for ourselves just yet, the fact that designers seem to have the console-to-mobile blueprint to an art these days proposes that it’ll play very nicely certainly.

Running up a download cost of $ 14.99, we want to assume that 2K has done the original BioShock some justice, and also although the graphics will certainly have been down-scaled a little because of Apple’s 2GB download restriction, the screen captures going along with the download and the in-game footage we have actually already seen suggest that it’s still extremely simple on the eye.



screen520x924 (1)

Although players seem to have required to touch controls after some initial resistance, those still defiantly adhering to bodily control pads will certainly be pleased to find out that BioShock for iOS is MFi-ready, so if you occur to own one of the great deal of controllers presently doing the rounds, then you can appreciate the new title just the way you choose.

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The rate tag might seem a little significant, however sinced you’re getting the same encounter as those baffling up twenty dollars for BioShock on steam, maybe not a lot.

Sure, the mobile gaming faithful is accustomed to paying peanuts for games nowadays, yet the benefit towards BioShock for iOS is that you pay up front and also don’t obtain hurt by those commonly sneaky in-app investments just to advance.

You can download and install the title from the link which we’ve installed below.

(Download BioShock for iOS on the App Store)

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