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Brydge announces new clamshell keyboard cases that are backlit for amp iPad Pro &; iPad mini 4

BrydgePro for iPad Pro

Accessory producer Brydge iPad Pro and has today introduced a set of fresh keyboard components for that iPad mini 4. The BrydgeMini and BrydgePro are at CES this week on display in Vegas and have a number of distinctive abilities the organization expectations can make them standout from keyboard components on the market’s expanding quantity.

Both BrydgeMini and the BrydgePro function rsquo & the organization;s 180-level joint method. Which means that the cases could be collapsed right into a notebook-like clamshell placement once the device isn’t being used, a scarcity for that iPad Pro to date. Brydge s fresh choices function backlit tips, aswell and are constructed of 100% metal.

More particularly, 1.60 pounds are weighed by the BrydgePro, is.27-ins thick, and links via Bluetooth 4.0 engineering. The combined width of BrydgePro and the iPad Pro allow it to be finer compared to MacBook Air. Different lighting ranges are additionally offered by the backlit keys, much like MacBooks.

Via Bluetooth 3.0, the keyboard links for that BrydgeMini. The situation is available in at.29- .66lbs and ins thick in fat. The secrets are backlit a degree that is collection, unlike the BrydgePro that provides different amounts with respect to the surrounding atmosphere.

The BrydgeMini can be obtained for preorder today and costs $99.99, as the Brydge Pro can be obtained for preorder for $189 and will dispatch in May of the year. Both cases can be found in room grey, and platinum, magic and function rechargeable three- batteries.


VEGAS, Jan. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Brydge, the organization that’s established a brand new standard for iPad keyboards, nowadays formally released its keyboard selection for that Apple iPad&industry; Pro and Apple iPad mini 4. BrydgeMini and the BrydgePro is likely to be on display at booth at CES 2016 CES Revealed on Jan. 4 at desk #120 in addition to #36433 within the South Corridor 4.

Supplying the iPad with an ideal match, Brydge has designed its keyboards to increase the performance of the iPad while supplying the MacBook’s efficiency. Following a same award winning style as Brydge versions that are prior, BrydgeMini and the BrydgePro are designed with rsquo Brydge&;s complex 180-level joint program, high grade 100% metal develop, backlit tips, and outstanding haptic sense that is crucial. The brand new product launch occurs the pumps of Brydge’s current CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree gain for that BrydgeMini for iPad mini 1, 2 & 3.

“The iPad Pro is just a sport-changing device, and just like prior iPad versions, is more revolutionizing the way in which we function, discover and perform. The BrydgePro seeks to uncover the entire potential of the iPad Pro and provide an ideal mix between MacBook. and iPad ” stated President of Brydge, Nicholas Smith. “ the bigger structure iPad and BrydgePro’s mixture has programs that are numerous, whether it’s within even the biggest business or the smallest class. Brydge is focused on being the marketplace leader in revolutionary devices that provide the best encounter in flexibility and efficiency whenever using the iPad.”

Both BrydgePro and BrydgeMini feature an enhanced, simple style which includes variable lighting backlit tips, Brydge’s complex u shaped plastic clamping system for advanced viewing perspectives and changes, Wireless connection, and a strong rechargeable battery that continues as much as 3 months.

Made To provide sustained flexibility towards the iPad Pro, the BrydgePro provides customers the perfect harmony between flexibility and efficiency. The only 100% metal keyboard the BrydgePro, for that iPad Pro is definitely mdash & an extremely tough device;however its mixed width using the iPad Pro is not more than a MacBook Air and as much as 0.55 pounds lighter-than some competitive keyboards.

Specialized Specifications:

  • Thickness: 0.27-inches heavy (just like the iPad Pro)
  • Weight: 1.60 pounds
  • Connection: Bluetooth 4.0 Connection
  • Colorways: Obtainable In Platinum, Magic and Room Grey
  • 180-level viewing angles
  • Backlit, responsive tips with different lighting ranges
  • Rechargeable three-month battery

The BrydgeMini was created to use the iPad mini 4 and is accuracy-designed to completely combine with those people who are searching for the best lightweight option. In most, the BrydgeMini provides an incomparable expertise that includes performance and the comfort of the iPad mini using the efficiency of the notebook.

Technical Requirements:

  • Sizing Dimensions: 0.29-ins solid
  • Weight: 0.66lbs
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0 Connection
  • Colorways: Obtainable In Platinum, Magic and Room Grey
  • 180-level viewing angles
  • Backlit, responsive tips
  • Rechargeable three-month battery

The brand new keyboards, accessibility times and pricing at are the following:

  • BrydgePro for iPad Pro is $189.00, readily available for pre-order at and delivery starting in April 2016.
  • BrydgeMini for iPad mini 4 is $99.00 (preorder special present), readily available for pre-order at www.brydgekeyboards.comand will dispatch in January 2016.

Brydge may launch information on its retail associates who’ll share its lineup that is new within the coming weeks.

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CES 2016 
Brydge is likely to be showing at CES 2016 in Vegas from Jan. 6-9 at booth #36433 within the South Corridor 4 in addition to CES Revealed on Jan. 4 at desk #120.

About Brydge 
Brydge has changed the conventional for pill keyboards. Getting started with one of 2012 of the many effective Kickstarter strategies and today under new possession, co-founders Toby Mander and Nicholas Smith -Johnson possess a perspective to turn Brydge in Wireless keyboards right into an advanced engineering manufacturer and worldwide head. In 2014, Brydge released the extremely effective BrydgeAir variety, amp; 2 & the key keyboard for that iPad Air 1, creating a core basis for ongoing rapid development and promoting to clients in more than 180 nations. Brydge constructed with this achievement when it had been called a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree because of its recently released BrydgeMini for iPad mini 3 and 1, 2. To find out more please visit, or connect with Brydge on Fb ( or Instagram ( or Facebook (

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