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Plex Has Been Ported to Jailbroken Apple TV 2G ! [VIDEO]

PlexThe popular media center client for Mac OS X and iOS devices has been successfully ported to the new Apple TV 2G ! So for those of you who have a Plex server running in your home, you can now “technically” stream media from Plex server on to your jailbroken 2nd-generation Apple TV.

Installation instructions, as posted on the Plex Forums are as follows. Make sure you have jailbroken your Apple TV 2G on iOS 4.1 with PwnageTool (instructions here) before proceeding with the instructions below.

Prepare the Media Server
Before you install the actual plugin you need to prepare the Plex Media Server (it needed some tweaks before it would talk to the ATV). Since those changes are considered ‘beta’, you need to tell your PMS to download beta plug-ins, by enetering the following URL in a Safari running on the same machine as the media server: http://localhost:324…s/set?AS_BETA=1
After that start Plex and check for updates in the PlexOnline section.

Enable a higher Quality (optional)
This part is optional, but if you feel like experimenting a lot, you might want to install a testing built of ffmpeg, that enables higher bitrates for the (currently) highest available quality (which is the only quality your ATV will use). This will also increase the image quality on other iOS devices, however you will need a potent Mac for the encoding!

So If you still feel like installing use the following two commands in a Terminal on the Mac running your Media Server:

Apple now accepting submissions for Mac App Store

Apple has apparently notified developers that it is now accepting submissions for the upcoming Mac App Store. An email to devs from Apple has links on how to set up an iTunes Connect account and the associated certificates.

Developers can send apps in

PayPal app has huge security flaw, update rushed to Apple

paypal app security issueYou’d think by now we’d all be wary of open WiFi networks, and luckily that’s the only way this could affect you, but if you use the PayPal app on an open network the Wall Street Journal is reporting a hacker could potentially nab your user account.

According to the story, the app doesn’t verify your security certificate (which is kind of the point of the certificate, no?) and goes along its merry way, transmitting your data to PayPal in a way that a fortuitous ne’er do well could intercept.

Still, as the WSJ points out, a hacker would have to be poised and ready to take advantage of this exploit. I doubt you’re sitting around in that app for hours while sipping your latte at Starbucks, right?

The app in the store shows the last

Updated Facebook app released for iPhone and iPod touch

TechCrunch reports that Mark Zuckerberg showed off the new version of his company’s Facebook for iPhone app at today’s Mobile Event.

Facebook v3.3 adds a new Groups feature and also updates the existing Places feature. Among the improvements to Places, it will now be easier to tag your friends into a venue and it will be easier to add photos alongside a check-in. The update also features a Deals function that lets you “discover great deals around you” (translation: here comes the location-based advertising).

Zuckerberg also said that

Some Game Center-enabled iPad games appearing on App Store already

iOS 4.2 isn’t quite out yet, but 9to5Mac has already spotted some Game Center-enabled iPad games out on the App Store. Big Bad Sudoku Book is an iPad app that’s apparently good to go already, presenting the Game Center icon with its listing.

Of course, without the actual firmware, there’s not much to do with any leaderboards you top or achievements you earn — for those, you’ll have to wait until the actual iPad firmware to arrive (which it should soon, at some point this month). But given that Game Center is integrated with an iTunes account, achievements earned on your iPad should show up on your iPhone, and eventually vice versa.

It will be interesting to see,

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