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VLC Media Player for iPhone and iPod touch Now Available for Download

IMG_0053VideoLAN’s VLC Media Player is the media player for the desktop. It plays virtually any file format you throw at it and does so with splendid ease.

That very same kind of ease came to iOS first in the form Applidium’s VLC Media Player for iPad and the app has now (finally) landed on iPod touch and iPhone. 

Released just moments ago, VLC Media Player for iOS is now a universal application that plays a variety of video files… and then some. Yes, DivX and XviD files are supported!

From the App Store:

VLC is a free and open source multimedia player. It reads almost every video file, yet it’s very powerful and simple to use.

I just installed it on my iPod touch 4G, I’ve thrown quite a lot of previously-unplayable-on-non-jailbroken-iOS video files on it and it is working amazingly well. I did have major issues getting 720p video working on it (The Dark Knight in HD was too jittery) but that’s expected, I guess. :/

Daily App: Tiptop

Tiptop is a game that came out back in April of this year. It’s a take on the Lemmings genre (which asks you to guide little characters through a map to an exit), and it uses line drawing to create paths for the characters, leading them around obstacles or across gaps.

The style of the game is nuts, with lots of silly abstract flourishes and jokes, and the action can get frantic at times.

The game is now a universal app, and the graphics have been updated as well. Both versions are free to download, though the app is really just a trial version, with only four levels to play.

Is Apple Planning to Buy Or Invest In Facebook?

steve jobs zuckerbergWhen Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg were seen together at the formers’ Palo Alto home a few days ago, it was speculated that they were in talks regarding the integration of Facebook to Ping, Apple’s recently launched music based social network.

It was rumored back then, that Facebook and Apple were in talks regarding Ping much before its launch. However, that deal never went through and Apple launched Ping without Facebook integration. The meeting of the two CEO’s was thought to be the beginning of a second round of talks between the two companies.

However, Steve Jobs comments during the conference call discussing Apple’s fourth quarter results has put the spotlight back on Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg’s meeting. Did the meeting between both the CEO’s have more to it than just Ping?

At the conference call, when Tony Sacconaghi of Bernstein Research had asked Jobs whether the $51 billion Apple has in cash reserves would be returned to the company’s investors in the form of a dividend. Jobs responded by saying:

“We strongly believe one or more strategic opportunities will come along we’re in a unique position to take advantage of. We don’t let the cash burn a hole in the pocket or make stupid acquisitions. We’d like to continue to keep our powder dry because we think there are one or more strategic opportunities in the future.”

While Jobs has confirmed that Apple is

Daily App: Samurai II: Vengeance

We’ll start with the obvious: Samurai II: Vengeance is one of the best, if not the best, looking games I’ve ever seen on the iPhone. It is simply gorgeous, with a unique, cel-shaded look filling out incredible 3D worlds. I’m excited for Epic Citadel’s progeny, of course, but this one’s in a class all its own in terms of the graphics. It’s just amazing.

The gameplay isn’t quite as astounding, but it’s still quality. You play a samurai who (surprise!) is looking for vengeance and has to hack and slash his way through hordes of bad guys.

Attacks are combo-based, and controls are responsive enough, given that they’re based on overlay buttons, to pull off the attacks you want. Enemies are somewhat repetitive, but in an action game like this, that’s kind of the way it works.

Rovio Mobile passing on Chillingo in the future

Chillingo closed a huge deal with EA yesterday (becoming the second big iPhone publisher in as many weeks to be picked up), but the company’s work with its biggest title apparently left a bad taste in the mouth of the developers, Rovio Mobile.

That company tells TechCrunch that they’ll never work with Chillingo, or any publisher, again. That’s not so much a reflection on Chillingo, though, as it is on Rovio’s success — Peter Vesterbacka says that with the way the App Store is set up, you just “don’t need publishers” any more.

For a lot of iPhone developers, I would disagree — Chillingo has put together a nice set of iPhone titles over the past few years, and seeing their name on an iPhone game can give a nice boost in profile to a developer just starting out. Obviously EA agrees — while this doesn’t mean we’ll see EA start taking advantage of the Angry Birds license (necessarily — I’m sure Rovio is poking around in as many places as possible to recreate the Angry Birds game on other platforms), it does mean that EA is getting access to a significant amount of experience in creating, publishing, and marketing iPhone games.

Chillingo seems to have a

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