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Case Study: Everything Is A Remix, And So Is The iPhone [VIDEO]

Apple gets more than its fair share of stick for supposedly not being innovative enough these days, but that wasn’t what everyone was saying when the iPhone was first announced in 2007. Offering what, at the time, was the holy grail of mobile telecommunications in something the size of a smartphone, the iPhone was a truly revolutionary device.

Or was it?

Filmmaker Kirby Ferguson has been running an ‘Everything is a Remix’ series for a while and the artist has released a new case study based on the iPhone in which he looks into whether the device was truly a huge leap or simply a remix of devices and technologies that were either already available, or being worked on by other technology companies.

Tim Cook talks equality and human rights while receiving Lifetime Achievement Award from alma mater Auburn

Last Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook flew out to New York City, where he accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award from Auburn University, his alma mater. Cook graduated from Auburn with a degree in industrial engineering in 1982 and is an avid Auburn football fan.

In his 13-minute acceptance speech, Cook devoted much of his talk to discussing equality and human rights.

iPhone 6 Concept With EYE ID Retinal Scanner Makes Touch ID Look Like Tech From Yesteryear [VIDEO]

As if the existing concepts weren’t enough already, SET Solution has come up with a new one for the upcoming (next year, of course) iPhone 6 (or whatever it gets to be called in the end) — one that takes on a completely different subject, that of security. This new concepts shows iPhone 6 taking a leap further from Touch ID and integrating what SET is calling ‘EYE ID’ — a retinal scanner to provide security and safety on your iPhone.

The concept video released today shows a larger device with a completely modified design much akin to iPad Air, something which looked at yesterday, but that’s not the highlight of this concept iPhone 6. The spotlight shines on the brand new EYE ID technology, which basically lets you unlock and operate your iPhone 6 using retinal scans as opposed to relying on just finger impressions. In fact, SET Solution goes on to claim that:

Caturday: Finn and Catniss enjoying the designs of Jony Ive

We all know that cats are more intelligent than humans — I mean, what other animal gets to lay around sleeping all day, gets food handed to it, and really doesn’t have to do much of anything to get free housing? Well, Finn (the ginger cat) and Catniss (the grey one) also get a ton of Apple-related toys to play with and sleep on as well.

Says owner Scott Jones, “We have two cats that just seem to love all things apple (like their owners) – Finn (ginger) and Catniss (grey) just love to sleep and chew and sleep more on anything that was designed by Jony & Co. They even seem to find the blinking LED on the Apple TV as fun as a laser pointer (well almost).”

iOS Vs Android: OS Fragmentation Compared Side By Side [Spoiler Alert: It’s Still Pretty Bad]

The iOS vs. Android supremacy debate is almost as old as both the platforms’ own age, and it never ceases to be. In some areas, Android takes the top spot, while others see Apple’s offering outshine its Mountain View competitor. One area, however, where iOS has always maintained the upper hand, is fragmentation — the word that causes Android fans to hide faces and come up with other allegations against the fruity OS.

In easiest terms, fragmentation can be explained as the differences in hardware and software that Android is split in, whereby a huge variety of Android devices on the market is running outdated software, or are not even close to the latest version available from Google. How it impacts users is by creating a dilemma for app developers, since certain versions of Android are unable to run a particular app, hence rendering it useless for those that are running such software. The hardware limitations and differences only add to the problem, reducing the app’s user base even further.

HTC One X iPhone 5s

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