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Steve Jobs reportedly threatened Palm over anti-poaching agreement

Documents released in a civil lawsuit against Apple and other high-profile tech companies claim Steve Jobs threatened to sue Palm if it refused to sign an anti-poaching agreement. Defendants in the lawsuit asked the court to keep these documents sealed, but Judge Lucy Koh denied this request, according to Reuters.

The civil suit focuses on anti-poaching agreements signed by Adobe, Apple, Google, Intel, Intuit, and Pixar. These agreements would prevent these companies from stealing talented employees from each other. The DOJ eventually stepped in and forced the companies to stop entering into these anticompetitive no solicitation agreements.

AMD hires Apple, Qualcomm chip experts

Chipmakers hiring key employees from competitors is like the changing of the seasons — inevitable. Today’s news, courtesy of our sister site Engadget, is that AMD has hired a pair of senior engineers to help it “move beyond the PC.”

The demise of the PC as a major moneymaker has become apparent with the overwhelming adoption of tablets and smartphones, and it looks like AMD sees the writing on the wall. The company currently makes about 80 percent of its revenue from PCs, so a decline in PC sales will surely result in lower revenues for AMD if they don’t do something fast.

Relax, Apple doesn’t need a ‘happiness machine’ to thrive

Over the last few months both the press and analysts have been so busy falling over themselves spouting the most dramatic nonsense about Apple’s impending demise that the non-techie could be forgiven for actually thinking that the company was about to go under. If you read any Apple news or news about the financial markets in general, you know what I’m talking about. You’ve read phrases like these in the comments of articles (or worse, the articles themselves) in the last two months:

“AAPL drops 30% to $500! Next stop $200!”

Former Color employee talks about Apple’s Lala deal

Aubrey Johnson is a former employee of Color, the startup recently acquired by Apple and founded by Bill Nguyen, who sold another company to Apple called Lala. Over on his personal blog, Johnson has put up a post that walks right through the story of how Apple picked up Lala, from the reasoning behind the buy to how the purchase was actually negotiated. The whole process sounds very exciting — Nguyen’s company (which had nailed down a lot of search results but was flagging in profitability at that point) got a buyout offer from Nokia that even Nguyen wasn’t impressed with. But he successfully sold that offer up the line to Google, and then got Apple interested, essentially pitting Apple and Google against each other for this little company that threatened to be the musical lynchpin of either service.

Finally, Nguyen sat down with Steve Jobs and other Apple higherups, Jobs passed a number across the table, and Nguyen nodded — and that was it. The company sold for $80 million with about that much more in bonuses for the remaining employees.

Tim Cook ordered to undergo questioning in anti-poaching case

Even though he wasn’t CEO at the time, Apple’s Tim Cook will be questioned about the company’s hiring practices as part of a anti-poaching lawsuit, says a Reuters report. Apple, along with several other tech heavyweights, is embroiled in a civil lawsuit that accuses the company of illegally instituting anti-poaching hiring policies.

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