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DevJuice: Does WWDC need a lottery system?

WWDC sold out in just minutes this year. As iOS developer Josh Avant put it, “Next year, tickets are going to sell out before they even go on sale.”

Many developers were greeted by server errors, failed purchases, and the “Sorry, tickets are sold out” banner.

Apple’s "spaceship" campus design undergoes change

Like any good Apple project, it appears that the Apple “Campus 2″ building project in Cupertino, California has undergone some revisions to make it perfect. The spaceship-like building is expected to be finished in 2016, about a year later than originally planned and US$2 billion over the original budget.

The revised plans were published today on Electronista and include a host of changes: 240 more parking spaces (bringing the total to 10,980 spaces), four new public art installations, and more bike and walking paths along the private roads around the main building.

Apple tops the list for best performing Windows laptops

Soluto has ranked a few different brands of Windows laptops based on their performance against trouble and crashes, and here’s a fun twist: Apple topped the heap. That’s right, on a list of laptops that included Acer and Dell, an Apple MacBook Pro running Windows via Bootcamp got Soluto’s best rating, the lowest score based on “a combination of crashes, hangs, BSoDs, boot and background processes.”

TUAW TV Live: Earnings, "new product categories" and more

There’s plenty of Apple news to talk about this week on TUAW TV Live. Yesterday’s earnings report sparked some interest in the fortunes of our favorite company, as well as what Apple CEO Tim Cook referred to cryptically as “new product categories” to be announced in the fall and throughout 2014.

Shawn “Doc Rock” Boyd and I are joining up via the modern miracle of FaceTime HD to discuss this and other news, and you our invited to jump into the IRC chat room to add to the discussion.

A WWDC keynote would be the longest gap between events ever

Jay Yarow’s done the homework and determined that if Apple takes the stage as expected at WWDC, it’ll be 230 days from the last big Apple event. That would make this the longest wait for a new Apple event ever, at least since the iPad’s launch in 2010. The previous record was 132 days between the launch of the MacBook Air and the iPad 2, so this wait trumps that by at least three months.

Yarow cites that wait over at Business Insider for the recent drop in Apple’s stock price, and indeed, you can see on the line above that Apple’s stock does seem to line up to the reveal events. But there are a lot of factors going into that stock price. The difference in event timing could just be attributed to CEO Tim Cook — as Yarow notes, he’s a very different person from Steve Jobs. Cook has suggested that the company could be a little more careful about new product releases, in order to line up more sales when the release actually arrives.

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