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Apple limiting access to iWork for iCloud beta because it’s too popular

Apple appears to now be limiting access to the iWork for iCloud beta for select users. It was just last week that the company opened the beta to everyone, but now an “overwhelming response” is forcing the company to pull back.

The message in the image above is appearing for some users when they try to access the iWork for iCloud beta (whether it’s Pages, Number, or Keynote). There’s no word on when the limited access will be lifted, but Apple tells users to “check back soon.”

iWork for iCloud beta now open to everyone (with an Apple ID)

Apple has opened the iWork for iCloud beta to everyone with an Apple ID. Previously the beta was only open to developers and select users, but today’s release means everyone get access, even those without iWork for iOS or OS X.

There are indications that iWork might go free for iOS and OS X later this year, and the fact that the iWork for iCloud beta is open to all lends support to that.

iWork For iCloud Beta Now Available To Everyone For Free

It seems that Apple is well and truly embracing the beta testing spirit at the moment. Having to internally handle all those pre-release bundles and keeping everything in check is clearly proving too easy for the Apple whizzes as they have now opened up the iWork for iCloud beta to any productivity loving individual who happens to have a valid Apple ID.

Apple originally unveiled the web version of the iWork utilities package back in June of this year, immediately after the opening of this year’s WWDC event. As you might expect from an announcement that forms part of WWDC, it was only immediately available to those who had access to developer accounts, with Apple later starting to send access invitations out to a bunch of pre-selected individuals. The Cupertino company is obviously over any initial teething problems with the web-ware and now feels comfortable to give access to one and all.


Some of Apple’s online services down this morning

No, it’s not your imagination. Some of Apple’s online services have been down this morning. A quick look at the Apple System Status page shows that the iTunes Store was down for 16.6 percent of all users between 8:57 and 9:42 AM ET, and that continuing outages affecting less than 1 percent of all users are making life difficult: “Users may be unable to use iCloud Documents, Photo Stream, iPhoto Journals, or Backup & Restore. Users may also be unable to send or download attachments in iMessage.”

If you’re one of the affected users, be sure to keep a close eye on the status page to see when services reappear for you.

How to avoid iCloud email spam

It’s nice to know that Makayla, Taylor, Olivia and Madeline are all thinking nice thoughts and letting me order my pills online… They’re part of a rush of spam emails that showed up in my iCloud email last week. Apparently I’m not the only person who received those oddly-written spam missives, since Chris Breen at Macworld ran a post today on how to report spam emails to Apple so that the next wave is caught by the company’s spam filters.

There are two ways to go about this, according to Breen. First, any emails that are marked as junk or dragged into the Junk folder are automatically reported to Apple. This is true whether you are using on your Mac or iCloud webmail. It’s rather easy to accomplish — in you can just click on the message and then click that thumbs-down button to mark it as spam.

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