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Charging products from JustMobile: Review

JustMobile‘s line of accessories that look like they could have rolled out of a lab in Cupertino just got a bit larger with the addition of two new car chargers — the Highway Duo (US$39.95) and the Highway Max ($29.95) — and a trio of Lightning charging cables; the AluCable, the AluCable Mini, and the AluCable Twist. Sure, these aren’t the most exciting accessory products on the market, but you sure can’t do a lot without a charger and cables!

First, let’s take a look at the car chargers. I was confused by the names of the Highway Duo and the Highway Max. Wouldn’t you think that something called the “Duo” would have a pair of USB charging ports? Wrong. The Highway Max is the one with the two ports, both set up for 2.1 A output that’s perfect for charging up a pair iPhones or iPads while on the road. The Highway Max comes with a knurled aluminum end piece that looks good and provides a good grip for, and it has a USB to micro-USB cable included in the box.

Pad & Quill Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5/5s: Review

As a reviewer, you know you’re getting something special to look at when the item comes hand-wrapped in paper sealed with wax. That was the first thing that caught my attention when Pad & Quill sent over one of their Little Pocket Book wallet cases for the iPhone 5 and 5s (US$69.95, currently on sale for $59.95).

The second thing to catch my eye? The wisely-designed interior wallet that — for once — had slots wide enough to easily accept credit cards and IDs. Competing designs have assumed that a slot needs to be exactly as wide as a credit card, which sadly means that you end up forcing cards into those slots.

Scosche boltBOX retractable Lightning cable: a colorful accompaniment to your new iPhone

Scosche always has a pile of new products coming out for the electronic toys in our life, and just recently they sent a very timely item for review. It’s a new retractable USB to Lightning cable that’s perfect for charging your new iPhone 5c or 5s, or any other Lightning-compatible Apple product for that matter. The boltBOX (US$24.99) is a handy power and sync cable that won’t tangle, and it comes in colors that will make your iPhone 5c feel right at home.

The boltBOX is a fairly small 2.125″ x 1.625″ x .6875″ (5.4 x 4.1 x 1.75 cm) bi-color box. Each box comes with a primary color — the one I have is bright green like the image above — and a secondary shade of either black or grey. Available color choices are green, black, white, blue, red and pink. It’s a lightweight 1.3 oz (37 gm), and has a USB cable neatly tucked into one end and a Lightning connector on the other. Drop it into your favorite bag or a pocket, and it’s not going to get tangled with anything.

Sony QX10 And QX100 Camera Lens Accessory For iPhone / Android Manual And Specs Leak Ahead Of Announcement

According to rumor, Sony is looking to make a significant impression upon the smartphone photography market, and along with the recent news that the Japanese outfit could be plotting a new flagship handset capable of shooting 4K video, we also recently heard about the company’s endeavor to bring a series of camera attachments to the fore. The Sony Carl Zeiss lens attachment would simply clip onto the back of a smartphone and, in turn, deliver a DSLR-like high-end shooting experience. Now, the two lenses in question – the QX10 and QX100 – have had their specs leaked online, along with the news that the official unveiling could take place on September 4th.

The leak, if anything, looks rather intentional, but considering how swiftly the smartphone market appears to be replacing camera purchases en masse, it’s no wonder Sony wants to try and drum up some anticipation leading up to the announcement.

Sony logo

This Wi-Fi-Enabled Doorbell Lets You Answer Your Door From Anywhere Using iPhone Companion App [VIDEO]

As technology continues to advance, we’re seeing more and more domestic products taking full advantage. As well as the basics for cooking, cleaning, lighting and such, connectivity like NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are gradually increasing our reliance on gadgets in every corner of our homes. iDoorCam is one such gizmo, bringing you a doorbell with a difference; not only can you use the companion iPhone app to see who’s calling at your door, but you can also answer from anywhere, at any time thanks to iDoorCam’s in-built Wi-Fi.

It’s a fairly novel idea, and to be frank, the days of dragging ourselves up from sleep and pulling the curtain away to check on a visitor should be long gone. Thanks to iDoorCam, this tiresome rigmarole can be no more, and what’s more, you can even have a conversation with the person right from your smartphone.


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