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iPad 3 May be in Short Supply at Launch

iPad 3 is widely speculated to come with a high-resolution 2048×1536 Retina Display.

In fact, if you look closely at the iPad 3 event invite, it seems to confirm that Retina Display will be one of the major features of the third generation iPad.

Taiwanese publication - DigiTimes which has been on a roll with regards to iPad 3 related rumors reports that there may be some initial shortages for iPad 3 as LG, Samsung and Sharp who are expected to manufacture the Retina Display for iPad 3 have been slow in ramping up their production. According toDigiTimes, it may take at least a month for Apple’s suppliers to catch up with the demand.

eBay sees its iPad listings increase ten-fold over last year

Apple set March 7 as the date for its big iPad announcement. Eager customers are looking to sell their older iPads in anticipation of buying the latest model. Instead of dealing with Craigslist spammers and deadbeat auction buyers, many people are turning to eBay’s InstantSale program to get quick cash for their tablet.

Within hours of the iPad 3 event announcement, eBay told CNET it logged more than 125,000 trade-in offers, 97 percent of which were iPad models. This is a ten-fold increase in the number of offers made during the same month in 2011. InstantSale is a service that lets people trade in their devices for cash. It works similar to Gazelle, another well-known device recycling company.

Our top ten wishes for the next-generation iPad

The minute the announcement about the third-generation iPad rollout next Wednesday hit the TUAW newsroom, just about everyone was throwing out ideas about what they’d like to see in the new model. Here are our top ten wishes for what we want to see in whatever is announced on March 7:

1. Retina Display

There’s not enough detail in the picture on the invitation (above) to really discern whether or not the new device will have a Retina display, but it’s one of the most likely new features to appear. There have been leaked photos of an alleged display part for the next-generation iPad that show a doubling in pixel density, so we expect to see a new and much enhanced display.

2. Improved Processor

To power those extra pixels, iPad: TNG is going to need more horsepower under the hood.

Apple announces March 7 iPad 3 event

Apple sent out invites today for an event that’ll take place at 10:00 am on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

The event flyer shows a buttonless (or landscape) iPad and promises there will be something we really have to see and touch.

We expect Apple to unveil the iPad 3.

Apple Announces iPad 3 Media Event For March 7 In San Francisco

After many months of speculation, Apple has finally begun releasing invitations to relevant media outfits in preparation for a media event scheduled to take place in San Francisco on March 7th, which is about the next iPad.iPad 3 Event

We’ve been under the impression for quite a while now that the fruit company has been plotting the third iteration of its revolutionary iPad tablet, but with an official announcement date set, we’ll finally be able to bid farewell to the rumors and speculation and see what Tim’sreally been Cooking up. The venue of choice, as expected is San Francisco’s very own Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Foxconn and Pegatron have reportedly been assembling the devices over in Mainland China over the last couple of months, and since we’re now within touching distance of launch, let’s round up the features we’ll possibly be seeing with the iPad 3.

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