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iOS 5.1 Reportedly Set For Release On March 9th

Profiles are in the process of being pushed through to numerous mobile carriers selling Apple’s iPhone appear to suggest the rather delayed release for iOS 5.1 could finally be happening on 9th March.iOS 5.1

Those running the iPhone 4S should finally see any lingering battery issues eradicated, but after the 5.0.1 release failed to amend the problem, we’ll wait for the hands-on before drawing any solid conclusions.

Moreover, our main point of focus lies with the introduction of a bunch of new improvements for Siri.

Considering Aperture for iOS

Gabe Glick over at Macstories has a proposal: Aperture for iOS.

On the surface, it sounds like a pretty silly idea — Apple’s high end camera app is really made for a desktop environment, and with the hassle required to get high quality photos onto iOS devices, there really isn’t a point bringing Aperture over to a platform like the iPad.

But Glick, though he agrees with the naysayers to a certain extent, is willing to take the opposite position. He says that he thinks Aperture is coming to the iPad with the announcement (expected sometime this year) of the iPad 3.

Macroscalar Processors: The Next Big Thing in iOS Devices?

Apple’s, nearly 1000 member strong, in-house processor design team is really working hard on speeding up Macs and iOS devices.Instruction pipeline example

Patently Apple reports that Apple filed a trademark application for the term “Macroscalar” in the US and Hong Kong. The term concerns microprocessors found on computers, more specifically, it refers to a type of architecture for processors that Apple is developing.

Apple, as MacRumors points out, typically gets their trademarks first registered in countries like Trinidad and Tobago, and only after it releases a product does it apply for trademarks in countries like the US. And indeed, a trademark application for the term “Macroscalar” was filed in Trinidad and Tobago August last year.

What I Want From The Next iPad

The third addition to Apple’s market-leading tablet series is, according to speculation, not too far away, with Chinese manufacturers Foxconn and Pegatron said to be working around the clock to produce the numbers in time for a purported March release.

With the release apparently so nearly upon us, there’s been much talk about what we should and shouldn’t be expecting with the device, which we’ll rather cautiously presume to be called the iPad 3.

But we don’t have to cast our minds back too far to remember that as plausible and supposedly cast in stone something may seem, unless there is an official word, nothing is certain.

As such, I’ve put together a list of the key features I would personally like brought forth with the iPad 3.

iPad 3 To Debut In March On Back Of An Unusual Apple Event In February [REPORT]

If fresh reports from Japanese news site Macotakara are to be believed, then the much anticipated iPad 3 tablet will be released towards the end of March, making it pretty much twelve months since the launch of the iPad 2.

The blog is reporting that Apple will hold a media event sometime at the beginning of March to no doubt announce the new product and release the specifications and pricing models.

It seems as if Foxconn and Pegatron have begun production of the next generation tablet, with Foxconn picking up approximately 85% of the manufacturing load.

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