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iPhone 5 camera tested in Iceland shows low-light photo comparison to 4S

If you’re looking for a real-world comparison of the iPhone 5′s camera versus the 4S, check out this series of photos on TREK. Photog Austin Mann took some 5′s to Iceland to test them out.

Low-light photos look great and show considerably less noise than the 4S. It’s probably not as great at Nokia’s upcoming Lumia 920, but we’ll wait for Engadget to test the 920 head-to-head.

My next phone will be a Samsung, not an iPhone 5

My next phone won’t be the iPhone 5 I’ve been dreaming of for a year; it’ll be a Samsung Android handset. Why? Two words: Google Maps.

This isn’t a political statement. It’s not an empty protest over how bad Apple’s Maps app is. It’s because for the first time I’ve lost confidence that an Apple product is the best choice for my needs.

Verizon’s iPhone 5 ships unlocked, likely thanks to FCC

When the iPhone 5 arrived on doorsteps last week, some Verizon customers were surprised to discover the handset was unlocked on international and US-friendly bands, as iDownloadBlog pointed out. This means customers can sign up for Verizon, stick an AT&T nano SIM in the phone (or chop up a conventional chip) and it’ll work out of the box. Granted, it won’t connect on the GSM carrier’s LTE service, but it will work fine on the older network.

This also means VZW customers can travel overseas and not have to worry about asking Verizon to unlock the phone before they leave. (Traditionally VZW will unlock a phone for customers in good standing after 60 days on contract; unlocking does not absolve you of your two-year contract obligation.)

First weekend iPhone 5 sales top 5 million

Apple has issued a press release announcing that the first weekend of iPhone 5 sales saw 5 million units moved. No doubt that’s a stellar launch for any handset, but it falls short of some analyst expectations that predicted up to 8 million iPhone 5 sales in the first weekend. Supply constraints are likely the cause, as Apple appears to be selling every phone it can make.

Apple also announced that more than 100 million iOS devices have been updated to iOS 6 since last Wednesday.

Foxconn’s Taiyuan plant faces worker unrest, "2,000 person" riot

A Foxconn facility in Taiyuan, China is the scene of ongoing disturbances as workers rioted in the overnight hours. Engadget’s Richard Lai, monitoring the Chinese microblogging and social sites, sees unofficial reports that the trigger for tonight’s events was when security guards struck a Foxconn employee.

The plant is reportedly among those responsible for some iPhone 5 components, according to NBC; specifically, the aluminum back plate (original Chinese undercover report here). Harsh working conditions and pressure for overtime work in the run-up to the iPhone launch may have been contributing factors in the current unrest.

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