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First four iPhone 5 TV ads hit the airwaves

Not that it’s really necessary to gin up more enthusiasm for the iPhone 5, but here they go: four television ads for the new phone have hit the airwaves and Apple’s YouTube channel. The ads feature a different voiceover actor than previous iPhone spots and have a somewhat jovial tone; the Panorama highlight ad, “Cheese,” is particularly cute.

Got a favorite? Let us know. All four ads are embedded below the poll.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 drop test

Android Authority bought an iPhone 5 and compared the Apple smartphone to the Samsung Galaxy S III in a durability drop test. The blog dropped both devices from three different heights in a way that simulates a fall under normal usage. They first dropped the devices from pocket level, then from about four feet (mid-chest level) and finally from about five and a half feet (head level).

Not surprisingly, the plastic casing of the Samsung Galaxy S III didn’t fare so well, with both the screen and the outer case cracking from a mere four-foot drop. In the five-foot drop, the S III’s battery cover went flying and the damage to the screen was made even worse. The iPhone 5, however, survived all three drops (and even a higher, almost six-foot drop) with only minimal damage to the back and sides.

iOS 6: Talking to Siri and saying "hi"

For many TUAW readers, this weekend represents a first encounter with Siri, Apple’s virtual personal assistant. Siri is waiting to help you create reminders, send texts, look up information, and lots more. Siri replaces the dance of your fingers on glass with conversations. You talk to your device — and your device talks right back at you.

After setting up your preferences, it’s time to give Siri a spin. You can access Siri in several ways:

TUAW Social Club: Tell us about your new baby

Chances are really good that first day adopters will start receiving their new units this weekend. We are hearing some pre-order shipping dates have slipped. Whether you pre-ordered or stood in line, here’s the post where you can discuss your new device.

What model did you go for? And what color? Do you have it in hand or are you breathlessly waiting for it to arrive? And how does that puppy feel? Comfortable? Or oddly long? Did you scratch it with your keys?

Vote in our poll and then hop into the comments and share your experience. Take advantage of the TUAW Reader Brain Trust if you have any questions about set-up and use. We’ve got a great community of readers, and you’re likely to discover some great information.

NYC police encouraging iPhone buyers to register their serial numbers

NYC police encouraging iPhone buyers to register their serial numbersApple’s mobile devices have been targeted by thieves since the iPod debuted years ago. As the iPhone 5 goes on sale, New York City police are taking a proactive step towards protecting customers.

Today, Gothamist reports that NYC police will be at the 5th Avenue Apple Store asking iPhone 5 buyers to register their device’s serial number. It’s a part of the Operation I.D. program, which involves registering the device’s number and the owner’s name and address with the police department. If your precious gets stolen, having that information in place could drastically reduce recovery time.

So if you see the Thin Blue Line at the Apple Store, let them help you out. It could save aggravation in the future.

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