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Next iPhone Parts Are All Over The Web! [IMAGES]

With hundreds upon thousands of people working in the manufacturing and supply chain for the iPhone, it’s no surprise that even a super secretive company like Apple is unable to keep everything under wraps.iphone-5-front-glass-2

Recently, many different components were leaked for the Internet to enjoy looking at and draw conclusions from.

Today, we’ve come across an entire gallery of photos of the next iPhone’s components. Check them out after the jump.

The news come from our friends over at 9to5Mac in the form of a gallery in which they show photos of all sorts of components for the next iPhone, from its SIM tray, front and rear glass panel, battery to its buttons, dock connector, LCD frame and more!

Purported Next iPhone’s Mini Dock Connector Finally Gets Pictured, Reveals 8 Pins

We are fast approaching the business end of Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone release schedule, and if sources and intuition proves to be serving us correctly, then we should be getting our first official glimpse of the new piece of Apple hardware on September 12th.nouvel-iphone-5-connecteur-01

Apple is yet to officially come out and confirm that the event is happening, but a number of indicators seem to have given the game away with the extremely familiar Moscone Center in San Francisco looking likely to be the chosen venue.

Until that event happens, we still have a few weeks to dig around and try and find out as much as we can about what Apple is planning in the run up to the holiday season. Over the last few months we have already seen a plethora of leaked images and photographs of individual components which we are led to believe are actual official manufacturing parts from the next-gen device, but the reality of the situation is that there is likely to be more of these types of rumors emerging in the next three to four weeks.

Alleged Photos Of Next iPhone’s Battery Surfaces; Thinner And Higher Capacity [IMAGES]

So far, we’ve seen leaks of just about every major component of the next and sixth generation iPhone. We’ve seen its home button, slightly larger front with a 4” display,  a metal back, and an all-new MagSafe-like dock connector to name a few things.iphone5batteries

Now, we’ve received photos of the battery that will be used in the next iPhone. Check them out after the jump.

The images come from our friends over at 9to5Mac in the form of a short post in which they discuss photos of the next iPhone’s “purported” battery, which they received from a “reliable parts source”.

Said images show a battery with the physical size of the iPhone 4 / 4S’ battery, but with higher capacity. Yes, this battery has a capacity of 1440mAh compared to the iPhone 4 (1420mAh) and iPhone 4S (1430mAh). The battery also has an increased voltage of 3.8V, compared to 3.7V on both iPhone 4 and 4S. Lastly, it’s wattage it 5.45wHr compared to 5.25wHr on iPhone 4 and 5.35wHr on iPhone 4S.

Blurrycam Theatre Presents: Fakers gotta fake a next-gen iPhone dock adapter

Remember the fake “iPhone 5 website leak” from last year? To briefly summarize, Apple was supposed to have screwed up last August, with some unlucky soul in the web commerce group posting the “iPhone 5″ section early on the Apple Store, accessible only through the internet equivalent of the Konami Code. If you knew where to look — and our tipster “Peter” did, having sent us a video and everything — you could see the “iPhone 5″ well in advance of its launch. Very well in advance, as it turns out.

Peter’s video was moderately clever, but there were some obvious clues that it was fake. With nearly a year of hindsight, it seems laughable now; the iPhone 4S that launched two months later looked nothing like the fake renders.

Sharp’s president says new iPhone screens will ship this month

Speaking at a press event after announcing its quarterly earnings, Sharp president Takashi Okuda said then company was preparing to ship displays for the new iPhone. Reuters quotes Okuda as saying, “Shipments will start in August.”

He did not provide any additional details on the phone or the technology behind the display. Apple is rumored to be working on a new, thinner display that’ll feature in-cell technology. Rumors also suggest the Cupertino company will unveil the next iPhone at a September 12 event.

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