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If you bought Logic Pro within 30 days of Logic Pro X release, you may get a refund

This isn’t exactly unprecedented, but there’s been some discussion about “upgrade pricing” regarding Logic Pro X today, so I thought this would be good info for Logic Pro customers. First, if you bought Logic Pro within 30 days, consider contacting Apple support — you may be able to get a refund (within a week). With that money you can happily upgrade to Logic Pro X through the Mac App Store.

As for the upgrade pricing for customers beyond 30 days, I’m not sure why that was ever a mystery. When Final Cut Pro X debuted, there wasn’t upgrade pricing, either. Logic Pro X continues the Mac App Store practice of no upgrades from purchases made off the store. In a short amount of time it won’t matter, as pros will have purchased the update through the MAS anyway. Unless Apple creates another version currently on the Store that requires a separate purchase also from the Store — but it hasn’t done that with any of its apps thus far.

Mister is a gay meetup app that aims to help the dating Grind grow up

There aren’t a lot of cutting edge apps for gay dating. The most popular one is Grindr, but that app is largely used to find men who want to hook up than be your long-term boyfriend. What if you want more than just another hook up? Why can’t there be a grown up alternative to Grindr? There is, and it’s called Mister.

With a user base of 1 million there are plenty of other men looking for love on Mister’s network, and their new app makes finding the one easier than ever.

DevJuice: Organize code snippets with Code Collector Pro

Code Collector Pro (on sale for $9.99, normally $19.99) offers a snippet manager for your development needs. I bought myself a copy a few weeks ago, when it suddenly went on sale, and have spent the time since kicking its wheels.

I was surprised to find out how much I like it. It offers excellent language-specific contextual highlighting, flexible tag support, and easy-to-use searching. Whenever you have a snippet you want to store, just add a new item, paste, and edit its metadata.

I installed it into my Dock on day one, and it’s been there ever since. I have not yet found a reason to close it, hide it, or put it away. That’s a big deal for me given how zealously I guard my permanent Dock items.

StackSocial offering 2013 summer Mac bundle with Parallels 8 for $49.99

StackSocial’s 2013 summer Mac bundle is available for a few more days. This is a great deal if you don’t have Parallels, and not a bad deal at all if you don’t have 2 or 3 of the applications included in the bundle from StackSocial. Here’s what’s included in the Mac bundle:

  • Parallels 8 – An excellent virtual machine for running Windows, Linux or just about any other desktop OS on your Mac.
  • Snagit – If you need to record video of your desktop, or take pictures of elements and annotate them, Snagit is hands-down one of the best tools out there.
  • Typinator – Do you keep typing the same stuff over and over again? Typinator takes care of this for you and includes some handy autocorrect to boot.
  • WinZip Mac – Compression utilities are still useful, and WinZip includes encryption for compressed archives.
  • xPlan – Project management! There are a number of robust applications for this out there, but for the price in this bundle you won’t find any cheaper.
  • Jump Desktop – Stay connected to other machines easily with this VNC tool.
  • Boom for Mac – If you’re tired of straining to hear audio on your Mac’s tiny speakers, Boom will boost the audio significantly. I use this on YouTube videos that are just too quiet to hear in noisy environments.
  • Leap – A Spotlight replacement of sorts, this one adds tags to files as well.
  • ColorStrokes – Make photos “pop” by painting out the color in a photo for everything but one element.
  • Beginner digital photography course – A lot of people buy DSLR cameras but never really understand how to properly use them. This course teaches you how.

Short duration video with Briefly

Briefly from Eternal Storms Software is a Macintosh app that turns your still shots into a video. The end result is called a still motion video. The Briefly demo on the site is impressive, but unlike most demos, I think anyone could create similar movies.

The iOS version of Briefly is under development and I think it will be a winner. As a Macintosh app, not so much, at least for my needs. Don’t get me wrong, Briefly works wonders and does it well. It just has so few features that I couldn’t do quite what I wanted. Your experience may be different.

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