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Apple Patents Smart Home And Media Center Remote Control Via iPhone

The fabled Apple television set is still a fable, lo these many years after it first was whispered into the waiting ear of an analyst or blogger, but today Apple has secured a new patent (via AppleInsider) which could renew interest in rumors of Apple’s television plans, since it describes an iPhone-based remote control system for completely setting up a home theatre system tailored to specific types of content, moods and themes.

Apple’s multimedia system/smart home-type remote would be able to recall, store and set things like lighting, channels, music and window shades as well as set stereo components like amplifiers and more to desired settings.


Apple to release iOS 7 on September 10?

The Verge reports that Apple may release iOS 7 on September 10, the same day as the media event where it is widely expected to unveil the new iPhones.ios-7-logo

The Verge has come to this conclusion based on an email that a developer has received from Nuance, the company whose voice recognition technology powers Siri.

From The Verge:

Facebook launches shared albums, officially making Cluster obsolete

Last week I wrote an article about how pointless the recently released photo sharing app Cluster — which raised a ridiculous US$1.6 million in funding — is, given that the vast majority of its features are already mimicked on more popular services, including Facebook.

Today, in an interview with Mashable, Facebook’s Bob Baldwin underlined my sentiment in the best way he knew how: by announcing that the social network has just launched its own shared photo album feature.

Gold iPhone 5S And iPhone 5C Shells Compared To iPhone 5 In High Quality Video

Apple may be expected to announce the iPhone 5S on September 10th, but at the rate things are being leaked it’s very difficult to believe that there will be any surprises left once Tim Cook and Phil Schiller set about unveiling Apple’s latest top of the range iPhone. As is becoming the norm on a yearly basis now, Apple’s various part suppliers have done a less than stellar job of keeping the new iPhone under wraps, with photos of the production and prototyping process popping up all over the place.

It’s not just photos of the parts that are leaking more than the Titanic though. Actual parts have sprouted legs and found their way into the hands of people with video cameras who, it would seem, just couldn’t wait to show off what they’ve managed to get their hands on.


The power of free-to-play app pricing

“Free-to-play”. For mobile gamers, those simple three words (often abbreviated as FTP) have a host of different meanings. For optimists, it means people can play high-quality games with little or no financial investment of their own. For others, it’s a game-crippling inconvenience that ends up getting in the way of a good time. This writer falls into the latter category of “just let me buy the game once and leave me alone,” but as the success of FTP games like Candy Crush has shown, I’m in the minority.

In fact 82 of the top-grossing games on the iPhone are FTP. They’re here to stay, so we should probably learn to live with them. What makes a successful free-to-play game? Geoffrey Goetz of has written an incredible — and long — run down of the free-to-play market that answers the question “Why is free-to-play pricing so effective?”

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