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Gmail for iOS updated with improved Drive integration and attachment viewing

This past June, Gmail launched its top-to-bottom redesign of its iOS app, but that doesn’t mean it can’t already be improved. Google has released Version 2.4 of the email app, bringing it with the addition of increased integration with Drive and Google+. Now when you send a link in-app to one of those platforms those links will open in their respective apps. This will be particularly useful when sharing documents and spreadsheets from one Drive to another.

If for some savage reason you’d rather keep these links opening up in the web you can update the app’s settings. But why would you do such things?

Version 2.4 also includes a new enhanced attachment experience, providing larger thumbnails that can be opened up for a full screen viewing experience. You can find the latest version of Gmail for iOS, as always, in the App Store.

Nexus 7 2013 Now Available Internationally In The Following Countries

The Nexus 7 tablet made waves around this time last year when it was first released to market, and the announcement of its successor just a short while ago caused a similar stir in tech circles. As well as offering an upgraded processor and more RAM than its predecessor, the second-gen ASUS creation also boasts a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, something that was sorely missed last time around. After a successful Stateside launch, the Nexus 7 2013 has now been made available to other markets, including the UK, Japan, France, Germany and Spain.

The tablet market is still dominated by Apple’s iPad, and at the moment, everything else is playing catch-up. The release of the iPad mini late last year helped consolidate the Cupertino’s status as industry leader, but that hasn’t stopped the Nexus 7 from selling in strong numbers.

New Nexus 7 front

BitTorrent Sync For iPhone Now Available To Download

Yesterday, BitTorrent announced that the release of BitTorrent Sync for iOS was imminent, and having passed Apple’s moderation process (despite the negativity attached to being a founding father of a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol), it is now ready for prime time use. As you would perhaps expect, it is completely free to download, and you’ll find all of the relevant details, as well as the all-conquering download link, right after the fold!

BitTorrent Sync goes against the grain in light of the growing number of cloud-based services, instead allowing files to be shared between devices with relative ease. The beta version of the app for Android only recently hit the Google Play Store, and while since file sharing is not in Apple’s vocabulary, a release for iOS was always going to be welcomed by consumers.

BiTorrent Sync iOS logo

Apple reportedly planning new Apple Store for Japan

Apple Store Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

It’s been seven years since the last Apple Store in Japan opened, odd considering the technical bent of the country’s inhabitants and the fact that the first international Apple Store was located in Japan. Now ifoAppleStore is reporting that another store may be on the way to Tokyo by early 2014.

The new store is reportedly planned for the Omotoesando shopping district, just a short walk from the existing Shibuya store pictured at the top of this post. ifoAppleStore notes that there are several possible reasons for the slow expansion of Apple retail in Japan. Revenue growth in the country through channels other than the Apple Stores has been slower than in other parts of the world, and Mac sales in particular have been essentially flat in Japan for fifteen years while soaring in the rest of the world.

Court: Apple needs monitoring after "blatant" ebook price fixing

iBooks on iPadFollowing Judge Denise Cote’s ruling that Apple conspired with book publishers to increase the price of e-books across the board, the DOJ put forth a proposal intent on rectifying the damage caused by Apple’s actions.

The proposal was extremely far reaching, and called for Apple to allow competitors like Amazon to include links to their own e-book stores from within their iOS apps. The proposal also suggested a court-appointed monitor should be hired to keep an eye on Apple’s activities and to ensure that the company doesn’t run afoul of antitrust laws going forward. What’s more, the proposal also called for Apple to hire an internal antitrust compliance officer to train and educate Apple executives about the ins and outs of antitrust laws.

While Cote stated yesterday that Apple doesn’t have to worry about a punishment that affects the way it conducts its business (translation: it’s in-app purchase rules are safe), the same can’t be said for corporate oversight.

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