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Worms 3 coming to iOS as a mobile exclusive

Fans of classic PC gaming rejoice! It’s time to lock, load, and blow up some Worms on your iPhone. Developers Team 17 have announced Worms 3 exclusively for iOS in Q3 of this year. Worms 2 was officially released in 1997, and while there have been add-ons and odd experiments like Worms 3d, this is the first new old school Worms game in a long time. Team 17 are the same developers behind the upcoming new PC Worms title Worms Clan Wars

Worms 3 will feature turn-based, asynchronous multiplayer online play, meaning you don’t have to commit to playing a full game all at once online. There will also be traditional pass-and-play local multiplayer for up to four players.

The Note Anytime virtual whiteboard app now supports handwriting recognition in 13 languages

I’m always amused when people say the iPad is really not a productivity tool. If it only allowed web browsing and email it would greatly enhance my productivity. Of course, the iPad does much more than that and a case in point is the universal iOS app Note Anytime.

The app creates a whiteboard on your screen and lets you take notes, create graphics, insert photos and graphs, sketch, and then share your work via email or social networks. I took a look at the app last year, and it has been substantially enhanced with new features and better sync tools across platforms. Users now also get 2 GB of free cloud storage.

Sleek new Cal app from Any.DO spices up your iOS calendar

With months still to go before the official release of iOS 7, there’s one built-in app replacement category that’s found a sweet spot — the calendar. If you’re not a fan of Apple’s default appointment management approach, you have a slew of alternatives to choose from.

Fantastical, Sunrise and Calendars+ all deliver UI enhancements and quick entry savvy; Cue, Tempo, Donna and the Google Now elements of the Google Search app focus more on delivering “smart assistant” functionality. These next-gen applications use a bit of anticipatory computing to suss out what you’re likely to want to know next, much as Apple’s upcoming iOS 7 “Today” feature is supposed to do. (Developers building tools that behave like a human assistant may need to be particularly careful about their “gendered” branding.)

Algoriddim teases Djay 2 for the iPhone and iPad

There’s some good news coming down the pike for disc jokeys and other performance musicians. Today, Algoriddim launched a website with a teaser video about Djay 2, an upcoming version of its popular dj app.

Not surprisingly, the teaser video is light on details and heavy on production, but that doesn’t really matter — the promo still gets us excited to find out what Algoriddim has up its sleeve. We won’t have to wait too long for the details as the video promises that Djay 2 will be coming soon. You can hop over to Algoriddim’s website to sign up for the company’s newletter and “be the first to know” when the app becomes available.

More Budget iPhone Parts Leak Confirming Color Options, Conceptualized In Beautiful Renders [IMAGES]

The so-called budget iPhone seemed like a ridiculous concept some time ago, a notion reserved for the dreamers or otherwise deluded.BO3JaF4CAAArLfi

But as time has gone on, the prospect of Apple creating a smartphone aimed at the budget end of the market has become a very real possibility, with various leaks and reports suggesting that such a device is indeed a part of Apple’s plans.

Following the recent Techdy leak of the handset, which combined seemingly legitimate front and back ends to create a visual representation of the alleged device for the world to see, there have been one or two more leaks and concepts thrown up to add even more gasoline to the burning fire. Details after the break!

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