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Daily Update for July 15, 2013

It’s the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You’ll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what’s happening in the Apple world.

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A look at the "flawed" antitrust decision against Apple

US District Judge Denise Cote last week ruled that Apple colluded with book publishers to artificially raise the price of e-books across the industry.

In the wake of that decision, the Macs Future website took a thorough look at Cote’s ruling and points out a number of reasons why the reasoning upon which the decision lies is flawed.

Daily iPad App: Deus Ex: The Fall offers both flash and function

You won’t find many iOS games worthy of being compared to their console counterparts, but Deus Ex: The Fall isn’t like most iOS games. When it comes to story-driven games on the iPad, there might not be a game with higher production values. However, this isn’t necessarily a sign that a game is great or even fun, so does The Fall fulfill its own potential? Kinda.

The Fall is an action RPG at heart, and in its transition to the mobile platform, the Deus Ex flavor remained largely intact. Like the rest of the franchise, The Fall takes place in the future. In this case, the year is 2027, and you are a ruthless mercenary named Ben Saxon. You won’t be relying on any James Bond-esque gadgets to complete your deadly deeds. Instead you are fitted with various robotic enhancements that provide you with superhuman abilities.

Developers realize iOS 7 means they’ll have to update, or lose customers

There’s a great short post on the Tapadoo site called “iOS 7. Move now, or be an insta-delete.” As a dev shop with outside clients, they see more clearly than most that iOS 7 is a seismic shift for Apple’s mobile platform. This will be more emphatic than the rapid turnover we saw with apps being updated for the iPhone 5 screen’s new aspect ratio; apps that don’t get refreshed for iOS 7 will seem antiquated to a majority of Apple’s mobile customers come this fall.

Those customers update quickly, even if the flashiest new features might not make it all the way down through the installed base. iOS 7 sets the stage for the next several years. Even the corner radius on app icons is slightly different in 7 than 6 — so older apps will be slightly, but noticeably out-of-date just sitting there on the home screen.

A concrete iPhone case, because why not?

Sure. You’d be forgiven for thinking that once we had iPhone cases that double as a weapon we’d have reached our logical limit. We’re done! Pack it up boys. All the iPhone cases have been designed. That’s what we thought. And then we caught a look at Posh-Projects brand new “Luna” iPhone case, a beautiful piece of pop art that gives your phone the appearance of the moon’s surface.

Oh, and it’s made of concrete.

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