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Official Chromecast App For iOS Is Now Available To Download

The Google Chromecast dongle has been making some ripples recently in the portable technology world. The little $35 dongle allows users to stream high-definition content directly to a TV set through service providers such as Netflix and YouTube. The content may be fairly limited at the moment, but with the Mountain View company planning on adding additional providers, the future looks bright for Google’s little connected device. Having said that, controlling and interacting with the Chromecast got a tad bit easier with the official release of the Chromecast app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

Google is pushing the Chromecast as being one of the easiest ways for enjoying online videos and Web based content directly on the big screen in your home. The release of the universal iOS app certainly indicates that the company is committed to developing the product and ensuring that it’s as easy as possible to use and maintain. The majority of people are familiar with interacting and using smartphone apps, and the Chromecast app does a fairly good job of abstracting away any would-be complicated setup and maintenance processes.

Chromecast for iOS

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch Confirmed By Samsung Executive, Releasing Next Week Alongside Galaxy Note 3

One of Samsung’s top executives in the their mobile division has slipped out news which we have all been waiting for. Lee Young-hee, who operates as Vice President of Samsung’s mobile arm, has confirmed in an interview with local press that the South Korean company will indeed by introducing the world to two new products as part of their Samsung Unpacked 2013 media event. As we expected, the third-generation of the gigantic Galaxy Note will make an appearance, but it’s perhaps the confirmation regarding the existence of the Galaxy Gear smart watch that will manage to capture most attention.

The interest in wearable technology is at an all-time high at the moment, with companies like Apple and Samsung coming under the microscope in recent months due to their willingness to invest time and money into researching smart watch products. A number of ‘iWatch’ patent applications have all but confirmed that the Cupertino based company have their own wrist technology in the pipeline, but Young-hee’s comment suggest that Samsung will be the first to introduce their technology to the world.

Free Jailbreak Tweaks Roundup: CamBright, Remind Me

We take a look at CamBright and Remind Me, which are free jailbreak tweaks that have recently hit Cydia.remindme1


Have you ever opened up your Camera app and had to go back to springboard, go into settings, raise the brightness and then go back into the camera app? Well CamBright, developed by Jack Willis and S1Rex, is going to solve that issue.  There are no options to configure, once you’ve downloaded it from Cydia, all you have to do is open up your Camera app and the brightness level jumps up to 100% no matter what your previous brightness level was. This saves you the trouble of manually changing the settings.

Apple launches revamped AppleCare Support website with live 24/7 chat option

Apple launches revamped AppleCare Support website with live 247 chat option

If you head on over to the AppleCare website, you’ll notice that Apple has completely revamped the way it provides support.

On the main AppleCare support page, users are presented with a easy to view grid of Apple’s entire product line.

mTrip offering over 30 travel guides for free

Over the next four days app travel guide publisher mTrip is offering over 30 travel guides for free. The guides are normally US$4.99 each via in-app purchase, but due to recent changes by Apple that allow developers to offer in-app purchases for free, the company has decided to lower the price of their guides to $0. To get the guides, simply download the (always free) MTrip app and on each day listed below grab the free guides for that 24 hour period.

Here are the dates and destinations:

August 27th

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