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Celeste 2 For iOS 6 Released! Takes Bluetooth File Sharing On iPhone To The Next Level [VIDEO]

Apple’s decision to make the iPhone into a decidedly closed platform has allowed it to do all kinds of weird and wonderful things throughout its six year lifecycle, but it’s also come at the cost of flexibility. Like it or not, there are just some things that devices running iOS simply cannot do when compared with most other smartphones, especially those running Google’s rival Android mobile operating system. One of the things it cannot do is send or receive files over Bluetooth. It’s also something that phones have been able to do for many, many years.

Even today, Apple is still trying to compensate for the lack of Bluetooth file transferring ability by adding things like AirDrop to iOS 7, but that isn’t going to stop some people from wishing that they could do something that they probably did using phones that cost a lot less than the iPhone they now own. If that iPhone happens to be jailbroken though, things may not be quite as bleak as they thought.


Bug in CoreText allows a string of characters to crash apps

Bug in CoreText allows a string of characters to crash apps

A serious bug has been uncovered in Apple’s CoreText layout engine, which is responsible for laying out text in applications which make use of the Cocoa framework on OS X and iOS systems. The bug causes any app relying on CoreText to crash when a specific string of Arabic characters is displayed, meaning just the simple act of viewing a tweet or receiving an instant message is enough to trigger the crash. With apps like messaging or email clients, the problem is more severe, as the app may continue to crash repeatedly if it attempts to display previous message history or previews of email content.

The good news is it appears that Apple has already addressed this bug in the upcoming versions of OS X 10.9 Mavericks and iOS 7, but as of yet no updates have been released to correct the issue on the current versions of the operating systems that are affected (OS X 10.8 and iOS 6).

SimCity on Mac is "totally unplayable"

The Windows launch of SimCity didn’t exactly go smoothly in March. There were issues with offline play — namely, it doesn’t exist — and servers were flooded and impossible to connect to. But those issues seem to pale in comparison to today’s release of the Mac version, with many players unable to even install the game.

The official EA forums are overrun with Mac gamers desperately trying to get their purchases to work correctly on computers ranging from brand new Retina MacBooks to iMacs that are just a few weeks old. I’ve been told by one player that in order to even download the game, he was forced to reinstall EA’s Origin download application three times.

Flickr For iPhone Updated With New Live Filters And Other Enhancements

Although Instagram has taken the mobile world by storm over the past couple of years – enough so to prompt Facebook into shelling out a cool billion dollars to acquire it – Yahoo!-owned Flickr is a veteran of the photo-sharing game. It may not boast the kind of popularity of the app founded by Burbn Inc., but it does offer an altogether more full-on experience, rather than the simple crop-and-filter job offered by Instagram. Flickr’s position as the true service of choice for photography lovers has been outlined once again today in an update for the iOS app, which now offers a very robust set of editing tools for pro and wannabe photographers alike. More details can be found after the break.

Yahoo! may have been rather slow to establish itself as a force in mobile space, but with revamped email apps, and a recently-released (and rather gorgeous) weather app, the company is once again creeping back into contention.

Flickr iOS 1 header

10tons releases Joining Hands 2, a hand-holding puzzler that’ll kill you with its cuteness

10tons is back at it again with version 2 of its popular puzzle game, Joining Hands. The first version was a hit for this indie group of developers and the second version builds upon this success. It adds new characters and improves the audio visuals.

Just like the original title, Joining Hands 2 is a whimsical puzzler that challenges you to line up your Peablins with their hands joined together. Every character’s hand has to hold another character’s hand, which is a much more challenging task than it appears.

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