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Apple iOS 7: 6 Betas Later [VIDEO]

So, it has recently come out of the woodwork that Apple will be holding a special event on September 10th. At this event, it’s widely expected that Apple will release the iPhone 5S, the refresh to the aging iPhone 5, among a few other exciting products. The nature of this event is likely to be focused on iOS devices, it’s almost guaranteed that we’ll see the Golden Master (GM) release of Apple’s new software – iOS 7 – on this date too. And if few more bugs are found, and we’re lucky enough, we might actually see another beta before the GM release.

We’ve now seen 6 beta iterations of Apple’s newest mobile device software, and by this time, it’s far enough into it’s development cycle for me to pass a bit of judgment on. iOS 7 is a software which isn’t aimed at people who are upgrading, it’s aimed at people who are adopting. Apple is trying to ensure their next generation of consumers by creating a more modern, fresh, and fun to use operating system.

iOS 7 belkin dock

Windows 8.1 Release To Manufacturing (RTM) Finalized, Will Be Available On October 17th

Windows 8.1 has spent the past few months being primed and prepared for its October 17th release date, and with build number 9600 now confirmed as the Release to manufacturing (RTM), the process of assembling Windows 8.1 for public consumption is all-but complete. In a week that has seen CEO Steve Ballmer announce his imminent retirement after 13 years at the helm, it’s critical that this transitional phase has only a positive effect on the Redmond company’s product range, and with Windows 8.1 now getting its RTM, the stage is set for a new wave of corresponding products.

Windows 8 may only have hit the market last October, but with a wider target market including post-PC devices such as tablets, the software maker is changing its release cycle to offer more regular, incremental updates. The days of waiting four or more years for a new version of Windows appear over, and although some may presume Windows 8.1 is merely a Service Pack with a slightly more extravagant name, it’s long list of new features and performance enhancements mean that, in actual fact, it’s quite a bit more than that.

iBackFlip launches the TabKeeper 360 iPad case; Somersault on sale

iBackFlip has been making the popular and versatile Somersault iPad case for quite a while, and earlier this summer announced the TabKeeper 360 (US$54.95). The TabKeeper 360 (above) is now available on the iBackFlip website, and if anything, it’s even more of a multi-tasker than the Somersault.

The TabKeeper 360 works as a carry case (with comfortable handles), a messenger bag, or a backpack, and even folds over to work as an iPad stand for typing. One thing that has always been a hallmark of the Somersault is the ability to hold an iPad hands-free by flipping the case open while it’s strapped onto your body, and the TabKeeper 360 has that same useful capability.

A special, limited-time offer to save on #BackToSchool offers

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Here’s a tip on how to save money on paid apps

Have you purchased an app only to find that it has gone on sale or free a few days later? It has happened to me many times, and it’s not a nice feeling.

So here’s a simple tip that I follow that has helped me save money on paid apps.

Developers very often put their apps on sale, either during the holiday season or some other time of the year in the hope that they sell more copies, leading to a growth in net revenue. So when you’ve set your mind on a certain app, it’s likely that it might be going on sale soon. Now how do you know that?

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