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The Steve Jobs video that sealed Apple’s fate in the DOJ case

Apple yesterday came up on the losing end of a decision from US District Judge Denise Cote who ruled that Apple did, in fact, collude to artificially raise the price of e-books.

In looking over the decision, I found it interesting that statements made by Steve Jobs were construed as compelling evidence in the eyes of Cote.

Steam’s annual summer sale is now live

Steam is the undisputed ruler of digital game distribution for gamers on Windows PCs as well as Macs. While only a portion of the games on the service’s virtual store shelves are Mac compatible, seeing those titles get huge discounts is always worth celebrating. And celebrate we shall, as Steam has launched its annual summer sale, cutting the prices on many of the service’s most popular titles.

The sale lasts from today through July 22, with new deals revealed every day. On top of that, a “Flash Sales” section will showcase new deals every 8 hours for the entirety of the event. For Mac-equipped gamers, you can currently save anywhere from 20% to 75% on titles like Don’t Starve, Left 4 Dead 2, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Get you wallets ready.

Facebook for iOS updated with verified accounts

Facebook has updated its iOS app, adding new status icons and new privacy features. The version 6.3 update introduces a new verified account feature, which are much like the verified accounts you see on Twitter. You’ll see blue checkmark to signify a verified account.

With Facebook 6.3, when a user searches for a celebrity, public figure, or a brand, a blue “verified account” checkmark appears next to an account name to let users know that the Facebook account is official. In addition to showing up in search, the checkmark also appears when you visit that celebrity, public figure, or brand’s Facebook page in the app.

Weathertron for iOS forecasts the weather accurately, uniquely

Weathertron (US$0.99) is a new and unique weather app for iOS.

There are many weather apps available on the iOS App Store. Most of them tell the weather with a number to indicate the temperature and a graphic to show whether it’s sunny, overcast or raining etc. However, to get more information, like five day or hour-by-hour forecasts, you need to dig a bit deeper. The Met Office weather app is a bit like this. There’s a wealth of information, but it’s not necessarily the easiest to navigate or interpret from a glance.

T-Mobile introduces "JUMP" trade-in plan, CEO talks about the "iPhone bump"

This week T-Mobile introduced the “JUMP” trade in plan. The plan allows T-Mobile subscribers to pay US$10 a month for a minimum of six months. After the six months, subscribers may trade in their existing phone for a new one at the same or lower price as offered to new customers. T-Mobile “JUMP” subscribers will be able to trade in their old equipment twice a year, including iPhones.

As for how iPhone sales are going at T-Mobile, AllThingsD caught up with CEO John Legere in New York this week. Here’s what they had to say:

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