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Apple’s App Store Rankings Algorithm Changed To Consider Ratings, And Possibly Engagement

Apple may be testing changes to its iTunes App Store ranking algorithms, which see it taking into account app ratings and other new factors in the App Store Top Chart rankings.apps

Whether or not the changes are more experimental in nature or indicative of a larger overhaul of how apps are ranked in the Top Charts is not yet known. However, these changes have resulted in apps losing and gaining in position without a corresponding increase or decrease in app downloads.

Boston-based app marketing startup Fiksu was the first to notice this trend in late July, having seen apps with ratings of four stars or more receiving a ranking boost, which they’ve maintained throughout August. Meanwhile, apps with fewer than three stars dropped down in the charts, and haven’t moved back, despite downloads remaining relatively consistent. Mid-rated apps of 3 to 4 stars have not been as affected.

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Haswell-Ready MacBook Pro Set For September 10th Unveiling [Report]

Intel’s latest Haswell processors may not have increased performance a grand jot over last year’s Ivy Bridge, but in terms of efficiency, the improvements are clear for all to see. With Apple’s MacBook Air 2013 range already reaping the benefits with vastly increased battery life, the MacBook Pro notebook would seem next in line, and according to a report, Haswell-powered MacBook Pros will begin shipping next month.

Notably, the report from Hong Kong-based EMSOne suggests the refresh will be announced on the very date that Apple is set to announce the new iPhone 5S and 5C – September 10th.


Pandora drops 40-hour free listening limit ahead of iTunes Radio launch

On its earnings call yesterday, Pandora CEO Mike Herring said the company would be dropping its 40-hour free listening limit on mobile devices, which it instituted in February. The limit saw users having to pay for Pandora’s annual subscription fee of US$36 if they went over 40 hours of free listening a month on their mobile devices.

Many in the industry think the reversal of the 40 hours of free listening cap is a sign Pandora is nervous about Apple’s upcoming iTunes Radio, which is set to launch next month. However, Pandora says the reversal has nothing to do with that. Instead, according to Pandora, the change was prompted by increased advertising revenue and improved cost control measures that are now in place.

And as for iTunes Radio, here’s what the Pandora CEO told AllThingsD about how he thinks it will affect Pandora’s business:

Apple patents stealthy hinge technology, dreams up possible uses

Everyone loves mysterious patents, and Apple’s newly acquired rights to “Interlocking Flexible Segments Formed From A Rigid Material” is most certainly strange enough to qualify.

As the patent’s summary puts it, “The method includes providing a substantially rigid material, such as, but not limited to, metals, alloys, hard plastics, and the like, and selectively removing portions of the rigid material defining a geometric pattern in the rigid material.”

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