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Instagram For iPhone Updated With Landscape Mode And Cinema For Front-Facing Camera

When it comes to photo sharing, no entity can boast the level of following of Instagram, and the iOS version of the app has just been dealt a fairly significant update.iOS Screenshot 20130706-040800 02

Having been acquired by Facebook last year, Instagram has seen plenty of changes over the past twelve months, and with Zuck and his team having been hell-bent on improving the already successful app, this App Store update brings both landscape support and Cinema functionality to the front-facing camera.

LiveWire Pro For iPhone Brings 7 New Unlock Animations To iOS Lock Screen

The use of animations and transitions is possibly one of the least talked about, but possibly most obvious additions to iOS 7, and one of the first things you notice when testing the beta versions out having come from iOS 6.LiveWire Pro 1

When used correctly, animations can make a smartphone feel alive, but when used incorrectly they can make it feel cheap and gimmicky.

If you’re not yet testing iOS 7 beta out and fancy the idea of adding a little motion to proceedings, at least when it comes to unlocking your iPhone, then we may just have the tweak for you. Oh, and in case you haven’t guessed yet, you’ll need to be jailbroken, too.

Thunderspace for iPhone offers great 3D audio

Thunderspace for iPhone offers great 3D audioFor some reason that I don’t understand, the sounds of a thunderstorm can be quite relaxing. You’ve probably had the experience of lying in bed while rain pelts a window and thunder rolls on and on. I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.

Natural thunderstorms occur when they’re going to occur. Wouldn’t it be nice to create a remarkable facsimile whenever you like? That’s what Thunderspace for iPhone (US$0.99) is here to do.

This app is the result of a collaboration between Taptanium and Emmy-award winning nature sound recordist, Gordon Hempton. The pair used special microphones to record sounds the way humans here. That is, one channel for the left ear and one for the right, each with its own time and level variations. This lets our brains discern location, creating a “3D” effect. It really is impressive.

Keyboard Control Pro For iPhone Enhances The iOS Keyboard And Makes Typing A Bliss

If you remember Apple’s big iPhone reveal back from 2007, then you may remember one of the big plusses that Steve Jobs said made the iPhone so unique.Keyboard Control Pro

Standing on stage as only Steve Jobs could, the then Apple CEO said that the iPhone’s lack of physical keys made the iPhone so special because it could adapt its software keyboard to suit any situation. Obviously that was something that could not be said about the competition of the time.

Daily iPad App: TouchCast creates an interactive presentation that mixes video with web content

There are a lot of video editors in the iOS App Store, but few are like TouchCast. TouchCast lets you record a video and overlay widget-like elements that can hold web pages, maps, Twitter streams and more. Users watching the video can click on these multimedia elements and interact with them while the video continues to play. TouchCast is an interesting concept that mixes video with the best that the web has to offer.

TouchCast is an iPad app and it lets you both preview TouchCast videos created by the company other TouchCast users. These galleries give you a feel of what type of videos the platform can be used to create. There’s also a composition side that lets you record, edit and share your TouchCast videos.

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