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Five social apps to help you make a decision

Anyone who knows me well understands that I hate making decisions. From what to eat to where to go on vacation, I’d rather have little to no choice in the matter. For decision-avoiding people like me, there are a growing number of social decision making apps that let you turn to your friends or the Internet at large to help you make a decision. Here are five of them I have stumbled upon recently.

Seesaw for iPhone [iPhone; Free]

Seesaw allows you take a photo of your choices and then share them with the community to help you make a decision. You can also send your seesaws to your friends in your address book and they can respond without signing up for the service or installing the app.

Galaxy Golden Announced, Another Flip Phone By Samsung Powered By Android

While clamshell devices have been regarded by most consumers as a distant memory in today’s mobile world, Samsung simply will not let the form factor drop. We’ve already seen and heard quite a few reports out of Korea suggesting the S4-maker was planning to release a series of flip phones, and today, a short while after announcing the Samsung Hennessy, the company has announced the Galaxy Golden. It features two displays, the antiquated flip styling, and, all told, a fairly decent set of hardware specs. Details after the break!

There’s little debate that the day of the flip phone has come and gone. Many products and styles see a successful second coming, but with the single touch screen now the de facto form factor for the smartphones across the board, it would seem as Samsung’s Galaxy Golden is perhaps a decade too late.


WSJ: Vevo heading to Apple TV as soon as this week

In the early 1980′s, everyone wanted their MTV. It was 24 hours a day of music videos interspersed with snappy repartee from cool VJ’s. But MTV went the direction of reality TV, and the world lost the fun of discovering new bands and songs. Now Vevo is on the way; it’s a joint venture between Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Group that will soon start delivering on-demand music videos and 24 hour-a-day programming via Apple TV.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Vevo Apple TV app could appear as soon as this week. Samsung Internet TVs will have to wait for a few weeks before getting the service.

Ten One Design Magnus mini stand is nearly invisible

A flurry of new accessory announcements for the iPad mini has hit over the past few days, with the latest being a new stand from Ten One Design. Remember the Magnus? It was a tiny and lightweight magnetic stand from Ten One for the full-sized iPad.

Now the company has released an even smaller version for the iPad mini. The Magnus mini (US$29.95) is like its bigger sibling in that it has a very low profile and is almost invisible from certain angles.

MHL 3.0 Spec Brings 4K Video Support To USB Ports On Smartphones And Tablets

Although 1080p currently sets the bar to what the technology industry considers to be full HD, devices supportive of 4K ultra HD continue to rise to prominence. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will, to varying degrees, offer 4K output, and now, a forthcoming update the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) standard means smartphones could soon be able to process 4K video via USB connection. The standards come into play from September, and with backing from some of the biggest names in mobile space, 4K does seem as though it is being groomed for mass-market adoption.

The update will push the Mobile High-Definition Link standard to 3.0, and notably, will allow smartphones and tablets to churn out 3840×2160 video at up to 30 fps. Of course, consumers won’t be able to view 4K content on their devices until mobile displays reach those kinds of heights, but with MHL 3.0 being a significant improvement on 1080p limitations of MHL 2.0, things are certainly moving to the next level.


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