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Timeless: A colorful, multiple stopwatch and timer app for iOS

Timeless (US$0.99) for iOS is a heavy-duty timer and stopwatch app with some interesting features and a colorful, clean design (taking some inspiration from the upcoming release of iOS 7). Offering up to ten simultaneous countdown timers / stopwatches, you’ll have no problem keeping track of multiple, timed items to the second with Timeless.

Judge to determine damages in Apple ebook case

The Mac Observer’s Jeff Gamet has written a thoughtful analysis of the continuing Department of Justice legal battle against Apple regarding ebook pricing. As you’ll remember, Judge Denise Cote found Apple guilty of conspiring with a group of book publishers to raise book prices. Now Judge Cote has said that she’ll bring the company back to the courthouse in May of 2014 to impose damages.

The US Department of Justice, which brought the case against Apple in the first place, has asked Judge Cote to slap the company with a ten-year plan that would force oversight of Apple’s contract negotiations and business activities. Apple’s already responded to the plan, calling the proposal “draconian”, “punitive”, and “wildly out of proportion”. The company has a good point — the Government is proposing to use injunction as a way to regulate Apple’s businesses, and the ten-year plan goes well past the duration of the legal issues in the case.

Plants vs Zombies 2: First look

Right now, my iPad is my enemy. On it is Plants vs Zombies 2 (free, or more realistically, “free but you are an IAP target waiting to be plucked repeatedly”), just released last night and since about 11PM yesterday, well, let’s just say sleep and work went by the wayside.

It’s a funny kind of upgrade. There are bits about it I’m disappointed with but overall, it has charmed me.

New Yahoo Weather App For Android Is Finally Here, Comes On Par With Its iPhone Counterpart

A few months back, Yahoo! hopped out of the wilderness to deliver a rather stunning weather app for Apple’s iPhone, and in fact, the iOS 7 weather app appears to have borrowed one or two design cues from it. Naturally, many Android users have been wondering whether the updated app would would be making its way to the Google Play Store any time soon, and if you happen to be one of those individuals, your wait is officially over. The new Yahoo! Weather app is now available for Android, and as ever, it’s free of charge. Details, as well as that all-important download link, can be found after the leap!

While some apps ported through to new ecosystems often run as though they’ve been dragged from their comfort zone, Yahoo! Weather for Android both looks great and plays rather nicely, just as we’ve grown to expect from the iOS iteration.

yahoo weather 1

AAPL shareholders to receive dividends today

Apple will pay its shareholders another quarterly dividend today. Shareholders of record as of August 12th will receive US$3.05 per share. With over 908 million outstanding shares, that means Apple will spend $2.7 billion today giving money back to its shareholders.

However, as AppleInsider points out, Apple is actually spending $110 million less this quarter on dividends because the company spent $16 billion buying 36 million of its own shares last quarter. Apple repurchased some of its own shares because the company saw its share prices as cheap and doing so would allow it to pick them up while depressed and also receive some healthy tax write-offs. AAPL has been on a roll over the past few days with Carl Icahn purchasing $1.5 billion of AAPL on Tuesday and other hedge fund and regular investors getting back into the company on Wednesday.

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