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Xbox One Release Date Potentially Revealed By Amazon Listing [IMAGE]

Most of the details of Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One console have now been disclosed, and with Don Mattrick having now stepped out to quash any notion of problem pertaining used games and such, fans and prospective purchasers can now begin to look forward to the Xbox One release date.Xbox One logo

Naturally, the software maker has been vague with regards to a release date, but according to Amazon U. S., the console will be released on November 27th of this year, affording gamers plenty of time to snap it up before the big holiday rush.

At this point in time, neither Amazon nor Microsoft has stepped out and confirmed this date to be true, but it is the date the former is suggesting to those flocking to its online store to pre-order.

Unlock your iPhone Android-style with PatternUnlock

If you are a fan of AndroidLock XT, the Android inspired jailbreak tweak that lets you unlock your iPhone by drawing a pattern, then you are going to love this jailbreak tweak, as it a much better version.patternunlock

PatternUnlock allows you to draw a pattern to unlock the device, instead of entering the mundane numeric or alphanumeric passcode.

The jailbreak tweak offers tons of options, which can be configured via the Settings app (Settings -> PatternUnlock). You start off by turning on PatternUnlock, which will prompt you to enter a pattern that can be created by connecting any of the 9 dots. You will be prompted to re-enter the pattern to confirm it.

Watch The First Full ‘Jobs’ Movie Trailer Featuring Ashton Kutcher As The Man Himself [VIDEO]

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic starring Two and a Half Men’s Ashton Kutcher.Screenshot (136)

The movie, originally scheduled for release this past April, will reach theaters the world over on August 16th. You can watch the trailer after the jump.

The first real trailer for the movie, following on from a minute dealer released back in January, showcases a number of scenes from the movie that was original premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.

This 5.7-Inch iPhone Phablet Concept Is Ready To Take On The Galaxy Note Head To Head [VIDEO]

If there’s one rumor that just won’t go away, especially when there is talk of a new iPhone being on the cards, it’s the suggestion that Apple is all set to bring a new, larger screened device to market.iPhone 5.7 inch display

The release of the iPhone 5 was the first time those rumors were actually right, but with some claiming a yet larger device is on the horizon, could Apple be about to take Samsung on at its own game?

Apple’s currently shipping iPhone 5 packs a 4-inch display, considerably smaller than Samsung’s 5-inch panel that currently adorns the Galaxy S4.

Facebook Bug Exposed Contact Details Of 6 Million Users

Facebook has only just been in all the news for the right reasons after Instagram started offering videos as well as photos via its mobile apps, but today it finds itself on the front pages for all the wrong reasons.

At a time when security is very much on everybody’s minds, Facebook has had to admit that around six million people have had their contact details exposed as part of a bug. More details can be found right here.

According to a blog post by the company’s security team, a bug has been discovered relating to how the company allows people to upload their contact lists in a bid to find their friends.

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