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Icahn reportedly invested over $1.5 billion in Apple, stake in company still less than 1%

Icahn invested over $15 billion in Apple, stake in company still less than 1%While initial reports indicated that billionaire investor Carl Icahn invested US$1 billion in Apple stock, the Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Icahn may have put more than $1.5 billion into Apple.

Recall that shares of Apple skyrocketed by over 20 points yesterday following word of Icahn’s huge investment. In two separate tweets sent out yesterday, Icahn exclaimed that shares of Apple were extremely undervalued while also mentioning that he had a conversation with Apple CEO Tim Cook about the potential for a larger stock buyback.

Tube Map Live for iOS displays real-time Tube movements

Tube Map Live (free) for iOS displays real-time data on tube train movements as they make their way around London. It’s the latest app to come from developer Andy Drizen, who recently brought us Tube Tracker (US$2.99), which is a superb app for navigating your way around the London tube network.

Essentially, Tube Map Live is the Transport for London (TfL) underground map with little circular train graphics representing tube trains as they move in and out of underground stations around the network. Train movement is based on a combination of officially supplied data from TfL and the same algorithm used in Tube Tracker to provided the most accurate train information. However, Drizen does provide a disclaimer stating info from TfL is not always 100% accurate, so things can look a bit odd from time to time. But by and large, the app gives you a pretty informative bird’s-eye view of the tube network.

Windows 8.1 Release Date Confirmed By Microsoft

Microsoft has just confirmed that its upcoming Windows 8.1 will begin rolling out on 17th October to consumers, which ties in nicely with previous reports.


The update, which will hit the various markets across the world periodically over the course of the 24 hours thereafter, brings a whole host of small changes from Windows 8 that collectively make for a better overall user experience.

Drync touts itself as "the Shazam for wine"

When you are listening to a song that you don’t know but really like, it’s common to whip out the ol’ iPhone, launch Shazam, and find out the name of the tune. But what about a situation where you’re drinking a bottle of wine at a restaurant and would like to know more about it or even buy a bottle of that specific brand and vintage? That’s the idea behind Drync (free), a “wine image-recognition app” that’s been around since 2009 but is re-launching today with a new focus on making over 30,000 wines available for home delivery in 41 states.

Drync provides instant identification of over 1.7 million different wines simply by snapping a photo of the label with your iOS device. The label — which doesn’t have to be on a wine bottle, so you can even snap an image of a label in a magazine or on a billboard — runs through a sophisticated image recognition algorithm and you’re presented with information about the wine. Want ratings from other users or wine experts? They’re available for a number of wines, and you can also purchase wines for delivery if that’s allowed in your state.

NBC streaming English Premier League football games via NBC Sports Live Extra app

NBC has announced that it will allow American viewers to watch English Premier League football (soccer) via its iOS app NBC Sports Live Extra. English Premier League matches begin this weekend and making them available to stream via its iOS app only makes sense for NBC, which is the new rights holder for the English Premier League football games in the United States.

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