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Withings taking pre-orders for new Pulse activity tracker

When it comes to the “connected health device” market, the leader has been Withings. The company started selling its first Wi-Fi connected scale back in 2010, and since then has added such devices as a baby scale and a blood pressure monitor to the product mix. Today the company announced that it has begun taking pre-orders for a new activity tracker named Pulse (US$99.95).

Pulse weighs just 8 grams and has a clip built onto the back that performs several functions. First, the clip provides a way to attach the Pulse to your pants, bra, or an included sleep wrist band. But put your finger on that clip and it turns into a pulse monitor.

Toca Builders for iPad is a charming, delightful game

DNP  Toca Builders for iPad is a charming, delightful game

I had my 8-year-old help me test Toca Builders for iPad (US$0.99, universal), the latest iOS toy from powerhouse Toca Boca. He nearly exploded with glee.

So did I.

IDC: iPhone marketshare in China now at 9%

According to a recent research report from IDC, Apple’s iPhone amassed a 9% share in the Chinese smartphone market during the first quarter of 2013. The iPhone now is the 5th most popular smartphone in China with Samsung taking the top spot with a 19% share.

While Apple’s marketshare may not seem all that impressive on the surface, the report notes that iPhone growth in the country is outpacing overall smartphone growth by a wide margin. Specifically, IDC found that iPhone 4 sales grew by 211% compared to just 117% for the rest of the market.

While the data from competing research firms can tend to vary wildly, it’s worth pointing out that Canalys back in May found that Apple’s share of the smartphone market in Q1 2013 checked in at 8%.

Apple wins Grand Prix for Press award for iPad mini print ads

Apple and its advertising firm TBWA Media Arts Lab have won the prestigious Grand Prix for Press award for a recent print campaign advertising the iPad mini. The ad’s clever images depicted a life-sized iPad mini on the back cover of several magazines, which itself bore the cover of said magazine. The result gave readers an idea of what their magazine would look like on Apple’s handheld device. The award was given at the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, France.

The critically acclaimed print campaign ran last year on The New Yorker, Time and others. One of the jurors, Marcello Serpa, told Ad Age that Apple and TBWA won because the campaign “…has a kind of guerrilla feeling. It’s a product that goes inside the media and says I’m going to kill you, [then] I’m going to save you. Let’s embrace. It’s redemption.”

Barnes & Noble VP delivers a bruising blow to DOJ case against Apple

Apple received a boost in its defense against the Department of Justice allegations about ebook price fixing yesterday from a company that had already settled in the case: Barnes & Noble. The bookseller’s Vice President of Digital Content, Theresa Horner, told the court that her company was in the process of negotiating agency pricing deals with publishers well before Apple came into the ebook market.

The DOJ has repeatedly attempted to paint Apple as the nefarious ringleader conspiring with book publishers to raise prices on ebooks. During her court appearance, Ms. Horner essentially shut down that argument by noting that Apple had nothing to do with Barnes & Noble talking with book publishers about agency pricing, which means that publishers set book prices rather than resellers.

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