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Microsoft Unboxes The Xbox One To Show What You’ll Get In The Package At Launch [VIDEO]

One of the most exciting things about a new tech product is the process of unboxing, and thanks to sites like YouTube, we can get a taster of that feeling through the scores of videos detailing the wonderful process of opening up a brand new gadget. In the case of the Xbox One, we needn’t wait for the release, for Microsoft’s Larry Hryb, better known to most as Major Nelson, has just released a clip showing his very own unboxing video of the forthcoming Microsoft console. You can check the video out right after the jump!

I’ve often said that Major Nelson arguably has one of the best jobs in the world, and unboxing an unreleased gaming console before most have even seen it in the flesh certainly does little to refute that point. He takes it from the top, pulling out firstly the new Kinect sensor, controller, the 4K-rated HDMI cable bundled as standard, as well as the console itself.

Xbox One retail box

O2, Vodafone launching 4G in the UK on August 29

Up until now, those with an iPhone 5 or compatible iPad wanted 4G service in the UK could only get it from one provider: EE. But thankfully that will change at the end of the month, as O2 and Vodafone have announced they will be offering 4G service in the UK come August 29.

On O2, 4G will at first only be available in London, Leeds and Bradford, though the company plans additional city rollouts by the end of the year. O2 hasn’t announced all of its pricing plans yet, but 4G plans are rumored to start around £26 a month. O2′s 4G network actually won’t work with the current iPhone 5 as it runs on the 800 megahertz spectrum, which Apple’s handset does not support, but the CEO of O2′s parent Company told the BBC that he would be shocked if Apple’s next iPhone does not support this spectrum.

VideoPane Brings Picture-in-Picture Style Video Multitasking To iPhone

The wonderful world of jailbreaking contains more developers and designers than we could even begin to try and list. Even though a large portion of those individuals are frequently active within the community; experience has shown us time and time again that a handful of impressive and hard-working developers consistently push out imaginative and useful tweaks for those with jailbroken devices. Prominent developer Ryan Petrich is undoubtedly one of those guys and he is at it again with VideoPane, his latest release that adds to his growing portfolio of tweaks, utilities and frameworks.

VideoPane is one of those great little tweaks that pretty much does exactly as the name suggests. No convoluted workflows that takes ages to implement and even longer to get your head around. No crammed in feature sets purely for the sake of adding more functionality. None of that. VideoPane is a Cydia package that concentrates purely on apps that allow the playback of video based media, allowing the user to detach that video from its application based player and house it in its own unique and useable container.


iPhone boosts growth for T-Mobile

T-Mobile reported its Q2 2013 earnings results today and posted an increase of 1.1 million subscribers for the quarter. Impressively, 29% of T-Mobile’s quarterly sales were attributable to the iPhone.

By way of comparison, the carrier lost 200,000 customers during the same quarter a year-ago.

Apple seeds OS X Mavericks Preview 5 with iBooks for Mac

Apple has seeded the latest beta of OS X Mavericks to developers, which this time includes iBooks for Mac, reports 9to5Mac. This is the first Mavericks build see to include iBooks for Mac. According to reports the app doesn’t look much different than what was previewed at WWDC this June.

The iBooks app has the same features as the iOS version, functioning as both a store and a reader. OS X Mavericks will ship this fall.

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