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Beyond controller support what else does iOS 7 have to offer game developers?

This morning we wrote about the possible impact game controller support may have on iOS 7. But what else will iOS 7 have to offer for game developers? After all we’re going to need something to play on those mFi controllers.

Retro gamers should take note of SpriteKit, a new Apple framework for developing simple 2D games with access to powerful game physics. An example of what the Apple exclusive tool is capable of can be viewed below and shows the mix of simplicity and power it has to offer. Given how strong a platform the iPhone has proven itself to be for creative physics games I personally can’t wait to see what games developers make out of these new tools.

Enable closed captioning on iTunes U with iPhone, iPad

iTunes U is a rich resource of knowledge available to you right through your iPhone or iPad. Recently, users of the app may have noticed that some iTunes U courses now offer closed captioning. In order to view the closed captions in the app, however, you need to enable them. Many users assume that the closed caption settings are under iOS’s general Accessibility settings, but they’re actually found in the settings of the iTunes U app itself.

As iMore points out, users with disabilities simply need to navigate to iOS’s Settings app, then select iTunes U, and then toggle Closed Captioning to “On.” Closed captioning isn’t just helpful for those with disabilities, either. I have a friend who hates wearing headphones, but likes to view iTunes U materials on his train ride home. He simply enables closed captioning, and he’s able to follow his courses sans headphones and without annoying his surrounding passengers.

ITV introduces ITV Player Premium subscription for iOS

The UK’s ITV has announced that is is offering an ad-free ITV Player Premium subscription for iOS users for £3.99 a month. The current ITV Player app allows users to catch up on on-demand TV shows for up to thirty days after that air, but these shows have ads. Now ITV is hoping to profit from people who like their TV shows sans-ads. From the press release announcing the new subscription service:

Wired on Jony Ive, iOS 7 and the future of design

John Maeda took issue with Jony Ive’s recently unveiled design scheme for iOS 7 in a Wired post this morning, and it’s apparent that the writer — a well-known academic in the design world — isn’t happy with the new, flatter iOS or the direction in which Apple seems to be pointing the world of user interface design.

As Maeda points out up front, much of the buzz around the design changes in iOS 7 has been positive, noting that “skeuomorphism teaches by analogy” and that “it’s time to remove the ‘training wheels’” since most people now understand how a smartphone is supposed to work. Maeda, however, thinks that “design should boldly go where no user or interface has gone before,” and that in the world of “infinitely available and infinitely malleable” pixels, designers “should focus on setting them free.”

Props Power and Keyboard Case for iPad: review and giveaway

Remember my last keyboard case review where I told you it was going to be the last one for awhile? Well, that was before yet another manufacturer knocked on my virtual door and handed me a keyboard case. But this, my friends, is a keyboard case with a difference — it also has a huge built-in battery pack that you can use to extend the working life of your iPad or charge your other hungry electronic devices. The name of this unit is the Props Power and Keyboard Case for iPad (US$109.95) from Digital Treasures, and I’ll take you through a quick look at this case before giving it away.


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